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Cookme celebrates 175 years of legacy and authenticity


One of the finest brands of Bengal that indulge in offering an authentic range of spices, Cookme celebrates its completion of 175 years. The brand is still following and working on its motto of EVEN THE BEST BE IMPROVED….

Cookme’s last offering was Immuno Booster in order to fight the deadly viruses, during the nationwide pandemic. This is one of the best products from the House of Cookme to enhance the health of its consumers.

Commenting on the completion of 175 years, Mr. Subhamoy Dutta, Director, Cookme says, “We have always prioritized the brand to be a household name. We believe in offering an authentic range of spices that not only satisfies the demands of cooking but also adds to a memorable experience for the consumers. We believe spices are not only for adding taste to your food but also have numerous medicinal values. We always tried to utilize and keep the medicinal values of spices intact. We are glad and feel honored to celebrate 175 years of introducing a distinguished range of products and aim at serving our consumers for the years to come.”

Cookme was founded by Sri Krishna Chandra Dutta in the mid 19th century in Kolkata. These spices soon become household names and appreciated by the women near and far called as the magical secret ingredients. The spices became popular among the Bengalis for their lip-smacking dishes and the brand also launched Mughlai and Chinese ready-to-cook spices.

Somewhere around 1958, Sri Judhistir Dutta initiated the manufacturing of ground spices. Then, Circa 1963, Cookme Curry Powder was launched to give the Bengali kitchens the taste of easy cooking. Approximately, in 1997, the brand’s brought a revolution into the market of spcies with Cookme Curry Paste. And finally, somewhere around 2005, Cookme Ready To Cook spice range was also launched to make cooking a joyful experience.


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