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Gulabs introduces Thandai in powder form for Holi Festivities


The Chennai-based food and beverage maker, Gulabs has launched instant Thandai, in its powder form for the upcoming Holi festival season. The instant Thandai will make the celebration of the festival more convenient for serving drinks. Each sachet of 20 gms consists of traditional thandai contents such as khus khus, musk melon seeds, saffron, almonds, cardamom, etc. Each 20 gms sachet will ensure to make the perfect drink instantly by mixing the powder with chilled milk.

The powdered form of the Gulabs Thandai is easy to store and carry, is travel friendly, and can be made instantly as and when one craves for. The brand also has the Thandai syrup available in the market which has to be mixed with chilled milk. Gulab Thandais are 100% pure and natural with no added color, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

“We have always believed that food and beverages taste best when made from their natural source, and are proud to be one of the few brands to offer a 100% Natural Thandai, as a concentrate as well as a powder. For the upcoming Holi season, as everyone gets busy with the celebrations, we are absolutely confident that our powdered form of Thandai will save time in preparing the drinks”, says Ruchika Gupta, Business Head, Gulabs.

Gulabs is a 4-year-old company manufacturing food products from traditional and age-old recipes. Some of the niche products under the brand are masalas, sharbats, khakhras, pickles, and ready-to-cook mixes. The products are made with high-quality raw materials and therefore are of superior taste. Gulabs also follow the FSSAI guidelines very strictly and are very much suitable for Jain consumption.

The company was started on the core values of Gulab Ma, who is of 65 years now. She has always been into a home-based business for decades managing all its operations single-handedly. In the year 2015, Naveen Bhandari, her nephew, realized that Gulab Ma’s efforts deserve a wider audience and set up Gulabs.


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