KFC Bucket Price and all you need to know!

KFC INDIA GETS YOU TO ‘BUCKET LIKE A BOSS’ KFC Buckets now starting at an unbelievable price of INR 199

The KFC bucket just become more exciting! With almost fans from 4years to 49 years, the brand has established itself as one of the most preffered snacking brand. KFC starting price snacks has a variety of options. Let’s delve deeper into the article.

Introducing the perfect bucket for snacking – packed with fries and chicken – the KFC Bucket like a Boss starting at INR 199. Choose from mouth-watering combos of Hot & Crispy or Smoky Grilled chicken; Strips or Popcorn and Fries. Walk into any of the KFC restaurants or order from the KFC App/Website to get your hands on the Buckets.

The different KFC bucket specials today differs on taste and variety. You can look into the combos that is on offer: 2 pieces of Hot and Crispy, Smoky Grilled chicken, 4 pieces of Strips or a large Chicken Popcorn with medium Fries. So whatever the occasion – catching up with friends or binge watching your favourite shows, the new KFC Bucket like a Boss is just the companion you need. You can delve straight into the KFC all in one bucket to satisfy your taste buds. KFC 99 combo offers a great option for the ones who seeks variety to crave.

KFC Bucket Price as per your taste (KFC rate depends on the number and taste of the order):

  • KFC Chicken Bucket Price – INR 400 – 700
  • Biryani Bucket Price – INR 200 – 700
  • KFC Chicken Popcorn Price – INR 100 – 300
  • KFC Lunch special Price – INR 150 – 400

Please note: The KFC chicken bucket price India differs from the other parts of the world. 

Head to your nearest KFC restaurant and follow the KFC India menu to order online at online.kfc.co.in or just call on 33994444 and simply ask for the new KFC Bucket.

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