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Your favourite KFC order is now just an Emoji 🍗 away

MediaInfoline November 6, 2019

Watching a movie and craving good food, but don’t want to miss a minute of the nail-biting climax? What if we told you, your favorite food was only a text message away? No seriously, KFC India has made it possible! Now, all it takes is a 🍗 (chicken emoji) on a text message and that’s all – order placed and your favourite KFC food is on its way. The world’s best fried chicken made the hard way, can now be ordered the easy way!

Talking about this latest launch, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “We are always looking at ways to bring our consumers closer to their favourite KFC food. Earlier this year, we made it possible to order KFC by simply talking to Alexa. We’ve now gone a step further, and all you need to do to place your favourite KFC order is simply texting us the🍗 emoji. So, when you dream or think chicken, or have the craving to dig into a crispy, juicy piece of KFC chicken – it’s just an emoji away!”

Curious much? Here’s how a chicken emoji lands you with a bucket of finger lickin’ good chicken. Just pick up your mobile and text a chicken emoji to 70654 70654.

  1. Send a SMS with the chicken emoji (🍗) to 70654 70654 (bet you figured this by now)
  2. There comes a reply with a link for registration (if you aren’t already a registered chicken-lover)
  3. Click on the link to complete one-time registration – Save your favorite order and preferred delivery address
  4. Next steps to place an order, check ongoing offers, etc. continue in the following SMS
  5. Now every time you crave KFC, just send 🍗 to 70654 70654 and your favourite order will be on its way (no fine print here; it’s really that simple)

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