Kolkata customers to receive daily essentials delivered at home with the new retail chain ‘Daylis’

New Retail Chain 'Daylis', launched in Kolkata, Brings all your daily essentials under one roof!

‘Daylis’, a brand-new supermarket chain, all set to launch in Kolkata, aims to provide customers with everything they need! An omnichannel retail chain, Daylis is the first in the lot to promise delivery in just one hour from the order! This is the first time in Kolkata any retail has promised delivery in such a short span to make sure that the customers get their products as soon as possible and on time. Besides this, the retail aims to be the neighbourhood store in the city with ‘Everyday low pricing’ where customers can enjoy exciting offers and discounts on all products every day! The proposition is simple- helps you save your pocket and provide everything you need under the same roof, at your utmost comfort and at faster than ever delivery time! 

The idea and facilities have been built carefully keeping the unprecedented covid situation in mind. At difficult times, when staying at home and social distancing becomes inevitable, Daylis ensures the convenience of its customers by supplying essentials at their doorstep. Daylis plans to hire and regulate their complete delivery team so they can ensure safety and service for customers. Daylis is also investing in EV vehicles so that they canreduce the carbon footprintto as low as possible. And is the first Indian company to have an All EV delivery team!

With the strong belief that there is more to daily essential shopping, Daylis is in the process of creating an unprecedented and consistent customer experience – from ensuring best quality and supply of products to transforming everyday ordinary moments into unforgettable experiences! 

There are currently two stores of ‘Daylis’ functional across Kolkata, One opposite Jai Hind Dhaba in Bhawanipore and the other near Jain Hospital in Howrah. Daylis is also in the process of planning the third one. 

There will be an official app of ‘Daylis’ through which the customers can place their orders and expect delivery in one hour. This app is being developed by renowned global mobility company in India, FuGenX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who have clients such as Byju’s and Big Basket. The app will be launched soon and be operational for the public. The thought behind the entire initiative is to provide something unique and extra to the Bengal population.  

The company wants to get a footprint in the city and expand to districts as well with the idea that rural areas can also enjoy the modern amenities of everyday shopping experience. This very thought of ensuring customer comfort, percolates through every aspect of the company’s current operation and future planning. Daylis will be the first Kolkata based retail company to function through apps unlike the other likewise brands that are either based out of Mumbai or Delhi.

Saksham Mohta, the Managing Director of Daylis, says, “Daylis is going to be the omni channel retail chain to provides one stop solution for daily essentials. This is the first retail store to sell both groceries, everyday items and medicines under the same roof and also the first one to promise efficient delivery within just one hour of order.  The ‘Everyday low pricing’ facility will give customers exciting offers and discounts. We already have two stores operational in Kolkata- one in Howrah and the other in Bhowanipore, while we are planning to set up 5 more stores across the city in the coming 6 months. Daylis is a retail chain that strives to ensure best customer service keeping in mind consumer needs and experience.” 

‘Daylis’ is an initiative that comes from the house of SVF Entertainment, a Kolkata based production company that has been instrumental in changing the entertainment landscape in Bengal for the last 25 years. SVF’s newest vertical not only plans to look forward to the idea of business expansion but also change the dynamics of consumer shopping ecosystem through product innovation and tech intervention. 

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