Love, longing and return take center stage in Yashraj Mukhate’s new track

Love, longing and return take center stage in Yashraj Mukhate’s new track

2023 had a crunchy, cheesy kickoff as the cult favourite KFC Chizza made a comeback! And to make this much-awaited return even more epic, internet sensation Yashraj Mukhate has created a track which captures the feelings of all the Chizza fans who rallied for the product’s return.

Ever since the fan fav was launched for a limited time a few years ago, fans have been eagerly awaiting its return. It’s this fan longing that finds itself at the center of The Chizza Comments Song. Colonel Sanders, Yashraj and the all chicken, no crust Chizza take center stage in the fun video released on Instagram. Yashraj mixes some of the best comments KFC has received asking for the Chizza’s return with his trademark beats!

With catchy tunes set against popular comments such as “Ae koi toh ye unqil ko bolo ke pehle toh yeh Chizza waaps le aaye.”, “Inn logo ne chikan ko crust bna dya brooo.”, and “My mouth is watering like a sink.”, the music is sure to get your feet tapping within seconds. Add to this, some groovy dance moves, and you have all the recipes of a cruncheesy blockbuster.

In the video, Yashraj also personifies each of the KFC fans through various personas – from that hip hopper friend to the neighbourhood aunty and many more.

Speaking about the track and his partnership with KFC India, Yashraj Mukhate said, “Food and Music are my OG loves. And I was one of those fans rooting for the Chizza to come back. Imagine my happiness when it actually happened. I thought I’d commemorate the occasion the way I know best – by singing about it. So here we are! I hope I’ve been able to bring out the emotions of fans like me through the Chizza Comments Song and that people out there enjoy listening to this track as much as I enjoyed working on it.”

With more than 3 lakh views in less than 48 hours, the tune already has the Internet grooving.

Watch the video featuring the iconic trio of KFC Chizza, Colonel Sanders, and Yashraj Mukhate here.

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