LT Foods’ launches New Campaign for Daawat to extend its ‘Banega TohFarqDikhega’ Proposition


LT Foods, a 70-year-old Consumer Food Company’s flagship brand Daawat has launched a new campaign to extend its ‘Banega TohFarqDikhega’ proposition. The newly launched campaign extends the proposition by showcasing to the consumers the finely curated four-step process of Chunkar, Bachakar, Sambhaalkar and Sajaakar, (fine picking, carefully securing, meticulous ageing, and proud presentation) before Daawat Basmati reaches the consumer. The meticulous quality processes that LT Foods employ makes Daawat stand out in its category.

The campaign narrative unfolds with the quintessential wit & quirk of Paresh Rawal, as Hussain Dalal’s character adds to the humor to make the campaign even more clutter breaking. The campaign has been launched with a film, which captures the banter between a seasoned Daawat food inspector played by legendary Paresh Rawal and his immature protégé, Hussain Dalal of the recent Toofan fame. The interaction happens during the process of creating the finest Basmati.

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director & CEO LT Foods Limited, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Arora said,“Consumers today exhibit a high degree of discernibility & consciousness in their consumption choices. The new campaign of Daawat by LT Foods not only extends the proposition of “Banega TohFarqDikhega” but also showcases the special care & effort the Company takes through a four-stage curation process of Chunkar, Bachakar, Sambhaalkar, and Sajaakar (fine picking, carefully securing, meticulous ageing, and proud presentation).”

Speaking on the occasion, CEO India and Far East Business, Mr. Ritesh Arora said, “The brand communication over the years has evolved keeping pace with the changing Consumer aspirations & tastes. The extension of Banega TohFarqDikhega campaign demonstrates the consistent effort taken by the Company to curate the best in category product.

The film opens on a shot of the paddy Mandi where Hussain while walking towards Paresh Rawal, who is inspecting the paddy and choosing the finest from a heap intently, shows off to a transport coordinator, who was passing by “Tujhepatahaiitnibareeki se chunnkarbantahai Daawat ‘‘(Did you know Daawat is made with such precise selection). He is reprimanded by Paresh Rawal immediately, who tells him “Abhinahibanahai (Daawat is not yet ready). The film then goes on with Paresh Rawal taking Hussain through the special process of selection, carefully securing to avoid breakage, ageing for aroma and taste, before beautiful packaging for presentation. Hussain goes hysterical with excitement and at the end doubtfully asks Paresh, “…Abhinaibanana? (Still not ready, right?) Paresh replies with a mischievous smile, “Janaab, Ab ban gayahai Daawat (Sir, now Daawat is finally ready). The film closes with Paresh serving Biryani made from Daawat Basmati to Hussain, who enjoys every mouthful. Then, we cut to a range shot of Daawat rice packs with voice over reinforcing the proposition of ‘Banega TohFarqDikhega’, a product of LT Foods that Nurtures Goodness.

Daawat has always stood for the finest and this refreshingly intricate process story lends itself to this unique proposition. This is a simple story about a complex process told in an interesting, humorous way. The campaign will be launched pan India across major TV channels, Digital, Social Media, and OTT (Over the Top) platforms.

The agency is McCann Worldgroup.

Creative Team:

  • Director (of the films): Kamlesh Soni
  • Production House:  Conversation Films
  • Creative Agency: McCann worldgroup
  • Planning: McCann worldgroup

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