Marico’s Saffola Fittify Gourmet launches Hi-Protein Soups

Marico’s Saffola Fittify Gourmet has introduced a convenient pack size of its nutritious Hi-Protein Soups that has up to 4X the protein v/s  regular powdered soup*. These one minute instant soups, which are the ideal evening healthy snack, have been crafted by nutritionists and curated by celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur to combine the best of taste with health.

While we strive to stay healthy every day, we try to make small changes in our daily routine especially in what we eat. However, it becomes difficult to stay on track once the snack cravings take over especially in the evenings. Soups essentially make the ultimate evening snack and as the chilly days continue, soups do create a convenient and nourishing option to keep you warm and agile thereby making it the perfect snacking option in the evenings.

In keeping with this understanding, the new range of Saffola Fittify’s Hi-Protein Soups brings together 4 delicious and exotic flavors namely Spanish Tomato, Italian Mix Veg, Mexican Sweet Corn and French Mushroom Garlic that have no added preservatives, no artificial colors, no MSG as well as no animal extracts. This healthy and tasty serving also contain five superfoods – Moringa, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth and Turmeric that add nutrition to your food and flavor to your life.

Sanjay Mishra – Chief Operating Officer (COO), India Sales & Bangladesh Business, Marico Ltd. further added, “Majority of us start the new year on a healthy note with making healthier choices like exercising to healthy snacking. While there are many options available to snacking, one of the most convenient and nutritious  are soups, that people tend to generally have in the evenings especially when the cravings start. Saffola Fittify is a brand that is designed to seamlessly fit into the consumer’s daily routine and playing on this insight, we have introduced small size packs of our soups range that are convenient for everyone to make especially during that hunger rush. It is not only healthy and nourishing, but also tasty since it comes in a variety of flavours.”

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