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McDonald’s India launches ‘EatQual’ for its Specially-Abled Customers

Shreoshree Chakrabarty December 4, 2020

EatQual– a new packaging is being launched by McDonald’s India West and South on the occasion of International Day of Person with Disabilities, designed for the specially-abled customers. The company thus has reinforced its brand promise of making delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone with this inclusive and progressive initiative. For over 50 years, an NGO has been working towards the betterment of the specially-abled community and this EatQual pack is the resultant of the collaboration of the NGO with the brand over months.

Westlife Development Ltd under its wholly-owned subsidiary – Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd. owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India.

Why Eatqual?

To truly enjoy the delicious McDonald’s burgers, the customers typically need to use both their hands for the current packaging. This insight comes from the innovative new packaging.

Arvind RP, Director – Marketing & Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South) said, “It has always been our endeavor to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone. The launch of this EatQual packaging is a step to further our commitment towards inclusiveness and social responsibility. We hope that this packaging will make the McDonald’s experience easy and delightful for our specially-abled customers.”

Rahul Matthew, National Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group, India commented, “Equality and inclusivity isn’t always about the big things. It’s also about being able to do the little everyday things like everyone else can; eating your favourite McDonald’s burger, for instance. And that has been the guiding force behind the EatQual initiative. How can we make the McDonald’s experience just as enjoyable for all.”

Speaking about the upcoming launch by McDonald’s India West & South, Dr Vaishali Kolhe, Associate Professor at Centre for Disability Studies and Action & Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, said “It is heartening to see an iconic brand like McDonald’s take initiatives to maintain inclusion at their restaurants. Food accessibility is the bare minimum necessity for every individual including the ones with upper arm movement disability. Innovations like these can make eating so much easier for them. Through initiatives like these, we are not doing these individuals a favor but making their experience of eating independent and enjoyable. I look forward to enjoying my favourite McDonald’s burger in the new EatQual pack.”

To promote inclusion across their restaurants, Westlife Development has been taking definitive steps. The company has already been working towards making its restaurants accessible for specially-abled. Those steps include installation of ramps wherever possible and restrooms made wheelchair friendly. And this launch of EatQual will mark another step to foster inclusiveness by the brand.

Starting from mid-December, EatQual will be available across all McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India.


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  1. Nikhil December 8, 2020

    Good Initiative. How does the packaging actually make differently abled people’s experience better.Is it by ensuring that the burger can be accessed with one hand? Would like to know and pictures of someone using it!


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