Mrunal Thakur’s gesture with ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ wins hearts

Mrunal Thakur's gesture with ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ wins hearts

Taco Bell, the world’s leading Mexican-inspired restaurant brand, earlier this month launched a one-of-a-kind offering ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’, tantalizing consumers’ taste buds with a delightfully cheesy surprise. Giving it a new cheesy twist, the brand has collaborated with Bollywood actor Mrunal Thakur, who gave a witty reply to unfiltered comments by expressing herself through a quirky and indulgent gesture of cheese pull with ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco.’

Being a recent entrant to Bollywood, Mrunal Thakur has been at the receiving end of sarcastic comments on social media. In her latest video, Mrunal is seen taking a stance for herself against those who question her capability to ‘pull’ off tough roles and grab eyeballs alongside megastars. As her response, she is seen relishing the ultimate cheese pull to showcase her confidence in pulling off everything that she sets her sight on. Finally, Mrunal bites into ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ and says, “A cheese pull so long, your words will fall short.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Tushar MehtaAssistant Vice President – Marketing, Burman Hospitality Private Limited, Taco Bell’s exclusive franchise partner in India, said,  “Being a youth-centric brand, Taco Bell continues to create craveable flavours and bespoke experiences that resonate with Gen Z. Introduction of ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ is a testimony of our focus towards food innovation and development of products that are both appetizing and appealing to the evolving consumer palates. Our collaboration with the vibrant, Mrunal Thakur, who perfectly aligns with our brand, encourages youth to instil confidence in themselves and pull away from barriers with optimism. We are thrilled by the excellent consumer response and umpteen love that ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ has garnered and aim to continue to delight our consumers time and again.”

I am my own person who believes in focusing on the good at all times. My collaboration with Taco Bell is a reflection of how I deal with derisive comments. Responding to trolls in a fun and poised manner not only empowers me to be a stronger and bolder version of myself but also remain unaffected by them. To all those people, I just want to say that Mrunal can definitely pull off everything as easily as the cheesiest taco in town! Taco Bell’s ‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ is my go-to meal whenever I want to pull away and dive into something super cheesy,” Mrunal Thakur, Bollywood actor.

Mrunal Thakur’s post won millions of hearts. With her followers supporting her bold move, the post garnered 566K views and 333 comments. The fans expressed their love for Mrunal and Taco Bell’s latest offering with comments like “More power to you Mrunal! Can’t wait to watch you on the screen!”, What a positive pull! Loved The Ultimate Cheese Taco @tacobellindia! 

‘The Ultimate Cheese Taco’ packed with generous amounts of cheese is a limited-time offering (December 2021 – February 2022) by Taco Bell available across all platforms – Online, Contactless Dine-in, and Take-away, with a high standard safety guarantee. Visit your nearest Taco Bell restaurant or order online (via the Taco Bell App or food aggregators) to dive into a delightful cheesy experience and feel empowered with the ultimate cheese pull!

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