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Nilon’s introduces a range of new-age blended spices

Shreoshree Chakrabarty April 22, 2021

Including Garlic bread seasoning, Magical Masala, Pasta masala, Piri-Piri Masala, Pizza masala, Chowmein Masala, Noodles masala and others, an array of new-age blended spices has been introduced by one of India’s leading processed food company, Nilon’s.

Keeping in view the growing popularity and convenience amongst the consumers, Nilon’s has prepared a new range of spices with quality and superior ingredients. With an added burst of flavours to various global dishes, these blended spices allow home cooks to experiment with fusion flavours enabling them to cook their favourite Pasta, Pizza, Chowmein, noodles or any other cuisine with ease. The hassle of finding out the recipe or grinding the spices is completely taken care of by the brand for homemakers or people preparing the dish. These spices do the trick and offer the same authentic taste to the dish.

Exponential growth due to this blended spice category consumption has been witnessed and spice is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. The western blended category has shown a growth of 18- 20% CAGR against the traditional spice category, pegged at INR 1000 cr market, which has been growing at a CAGR of 10- 12%.

Speaking about the product offering, Dipak Sanghvi, Managing Director, Nilon’s, “The pandemic has steered the conversation towards safe consumption of food and home-cooked meals, it has provided a great opportunity for us to curate unique spice mixes, enabling consumers to prepare and enjoy delicacies together. Nilon’s new-age blended spice is prepared by selecting the best ingredients and making unique spice mixes. We ensure that high and stringent standards of manufacturing are followed for making our products and emphasize the use of food-grade multi-layered packaging material to retain the freshness of our products over a longer period.”

Commenting on addressing the consumer needs, Rajheev Agarwal, Director and CEO Nilon’s, “We have seen a shift in consumer consumption patterns, where people being at home are experimenting more with their food habits and our objective is to assist them. With these products, the idea is to give a desi twist to the global cuisines and simplifies the overall process of cooking. So, with such a new-age product offering the homemaker or anyone with basic understanding could easily cook their favorite global dishes from the comfort of their homes. Going forward we intend to expand this category substantially with many more new product offering.”

The range of western blended spice products will be available across the length and breadth of the country in all general trade, packaged in a contemporary and attractive sachet pack of INR 5 and 10.

Bringing versatility to various cooking experiments, these products will surely spice up the kitchen scene and provide the food lovers convenience and authentic taste.


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