Quaker Oats launches Homestyle Masala and Tangy Tomato in one pack

Quaker Oats launches Homestyle Masala and Tangy Tomato in one pack

Quaker Oats India launched first-of-its-kind food flavor innovation with two variants of flavor mix in one pack. The unique ‘Made for India’ innovation has the plain oats in two different flavors in one pack – Homestyle Masala and Tangy Tomato.

Millennial consumers are adopting ‘mindful eating’ as they search for versatile, nutritious, and tasty food options. During the last year, people are spending more time inside their houses and are becoming more conscious about the food and nutrition intake. And, this has become a bigger priority with consumers focussing on nutritional values, ingredients, etc. Therefore, breakfast has become the most important ritual for many people as it helps them power through the day. As per a recent study, millennials prefer ‘savory’ options for breakfast and over 90% of sales of the Oats market is dominated by ‘masala’ and ‘tomato’ flavors.

Commenting on the launch, Sonam Vij, Associate Director and Brand Head- Quaker, PepsiCo India said, “As one of the leading brands in the category, we at Quaker Oats follow an innovation-first approach and are determined to deliver on consumers’ preference for nutritious yet tasty breakfast options. After extensive research, we have introduced Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix, giving consumers the opportunity to harness the power of oats in a tasty and indulgent manner. Consumers can now use the delicious ‘Homestyle Masala’ and ‘Tangy Tomato’ flavor sachets that come along with their favorite Quaker Oats to whip up a tasty preparation of their choice. We hope that with the launch of our latest offering, consumers will enjoy Quaker Oats in a new way, every day.”

Each pack of Quaker® Oats with Flavour Mix of 200 grams (serves four) is available at INR 49, on the leading e-commerce and retail platforms of India. A 360-degree campaign will also be launched by the brand for flavor innovation.

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