Story of Balaji Wafers coming live on Nat Geo India’s SUPERFACTORIES

Superfactories: Balaji Wafers

The inspiring journey of Indian entrepreneurs, Chandubhai Virani and his brothers and the inner workings of his home-grown brand Balaji Wafers is being chronicled by National Geographic India’s latest edition of SUPERFACTORIES. The story behind the manufacturing of one of India’s popular food brand is captured along with the channel’s truly authentic and engaging style of storytelling. SUPERFACTORIES: BALAJI WAFERS will premiere on December 5th, 2020 at 7.00 pm.

With its state of art manufacturing units across Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Balaji Wafers, a brand that started with the founder serving potato wafers at a small theatre in Rajkot, has truly come of age. The story of Chandubhai Virani, his brothers, the birth of the brand Balaji Wafers along with the new generation of the Virani family is explored in the documentary. Currently navigating through the pandemic, the brand has adopted new mechanisms to ensure product availability; the documentary takes the viewers into the manufacturing process at factories spread across various locations.

“At National Geographic, our continuous endeavour is to entertain, enlighten and expand our viewer’s knowledge of the world around them through our stories and narratives. Our popular SUPERFACTORIES series was created to give viewers a deeper understanding of the functioning of high-tech factories and push the boundaries of what they already know. With this episode, we aim to take the viewers through the journey of Balaji Wafers and the methods they have adopted to stay ahead of the curve within the food industry,” said a National Geographic India spokesperson.

“Balaji Wafers, today, has grown to become one of the most popular and promising Indian brands in the category today and we wanted to share our story with the audience at large. We are happy to have found in partner in National Geographic who has captured our story and our efforts to navigate through many challenges over the years,” said Keyur Virani, Director, Balaji Wafers.

National Geographic India’s upcoming documentary, ‘SUPERFACTORIES: BALAJI WAFERS’ will premiere on December 5th, 2020, at 7.00 pm on National Geographic Channel India.

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