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Virat Kohli Finally Reveals His Snacking Obsession Too Yumm! Multigrain Chips

MediaInfoline May 24, 2018

Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli finally put nationwide rumours to rest, revealing his new found snacking obsession in IPL’s longest ad this year. After an open letter confirming to his fans that he would not let them down, he came clean about bingeing on Too Yumm! Multigrain Chips – the brand’s latest healthy offering. The campaign went live during the strategic timeout in the CSK vs KXIP IPL match, simultaneously positioning Too Yumm! as the perfect guilt-free binge and an ideal IPL snack.

Too Yumm! by Guiltfree Industries expanded its product portfolio this month with its newest addition, Multigrain Chips. These delicious yet healthy offerings contain the power of 7 grains – Wheat, Rice, Corn, Gram, Oats, Soya and Ragi. What’s more? They’re baked, not fried! Too Yumm! Multigrain Chips are available in 4 exciting flavours: Dahi Papdi Chaat, Grilled Corn, Hot & Sour and Tangy Tomato. They are available in two pack sizes – 30g pack at Rs.10/- and 60g pack at Rs. 20/- for easy consumption on-the-go.

Whether it’s his career or his fitness regimen, celebrity cricketer Virat Kohli has time and again proven to be an inspiration to Young India. He has always believed that to attain and maintain a great fitness level you have to be dedicated to your workout regime while keeping a check on what you eat. So when he was caught munching on chips, the absolute unthinkable munchie during this nail-biting IPL season, his fans were evidently perplexed as to what had happened to his fitness regimen.

Check out Virat Kohli in Too Yumm!’s one min brand film: here


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