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7 ways to drive great work place culture! by Manas Gulati- Co-Founder & CEO at #ARM Digital Consulting

MediaInfoline September 5, 2016

A great work place is one where people love to be in office everyday, enjoy each others company and are proud to be a part of the family. It is where people will be ready to back each other and stand like a pillar no matter what. 

Hence are some of the action points one should keep in mind in building a great work culture.

Two way interaction

Great two way communication is a must for a healthy environment. Transparency in interaction is a must for building trust, clarity and ease of divulgence. Being receptive to opinions is a must to have an open culture at work place. It is where you can ask a question and get a straight to the point answer.

Management Proficiency

Capable management will always help in setting the tone right. Management should know what’s best for the organisation. They should know who is culturally fit to be a part of the workplace family. High level of trust should be reposed on the second line with little amount of micromanagement. Organisational roadmap should be clear to the Management as well as the team.

Unimpeachable rectitude

Consistency of words and actions is a must to build integrity in the entire team. There should be clarity of thought. Management should walk the talk and live by the promises kept. Feedbacks should be taken seriously both top down or bottom up for healthy open environment. It also involves openness in divulging information about the organisation which also means that we are in this together or we need to win this together.

Individual Growth

I would love to be at a place which not only thinks about organisational growth but also values individual employee growth. Professional training and development process empowers team with skills at a personal front which translates into an efficient workplace. The management should definitely acknowledge great work done by the team and exhibit it through visible actions. Team should be encouraged to try out new things and challenge themselves.

Avoid favoritisms

Rewards and recognitions should go to people who best deserve them. The management should avoid making favorites and play by merit and merit alone. There should be avenues and forums where employees can voice their opinion if they didn’t get a fair treatment. No one should feel left out even in normal meetings and everyone should be encouraged to participate and  opinions should be valued.

Driving individual pride

People are happier in a place that acknowledges their work and where they feel they are making a difference. Each and every employee should feel like an important part of the larger outcomes of an organisation. It’s where there is clarity of how individuals efforts are contributing to a larger outcome. Pride drives people to take accountability for their own work. Pride will always drive people to tell others about their work place and its great culture.Pride is also talking about organisations achievement.


The day my office becomes my family, half the job is done. People support each other in their work, celebrate successes and are present at a personal level for each other as well. One should definitely feel welcomed and feel right at home. There should be social gatherings for events like someone joining in or people moving ahead for a different work life. Work anniversaries, birthdays, or good byes. Each and every event should be remembered.

And as they say if one can make a one big happy family, its all the more fun growing together.

What we often use as an endnote for any of our office events or celebration is very apt in work life and real life as well.

“We win together as a team or fail as individuals.”



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