Exclusive interview with executive coach Payal Nanjiani

Interview of Payal Nanjiani,Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert and Speaker, Top Executive Coach, and New York Award-Winning Author

Exclusive interview with executive coach Payal Nanjiani on how to win the leadership game.

If you are reading this column, you are not an ordinary person. You are here to win the game.

That’s direct from Payal Nanjiani, ranked by TIMES as one of the world’s most influential executive coaches and leadership speakers.

Payal Nanjiani is an Indian-American globally acclaimed leadership expert, executive coach, and New York award-winning author. She has spent over two decades helping leaders get to their next level and achieve extraordinary success for themselves and the organization.

Q) Your 3rd leadership book, ‘Win The Leadership Game Everytime’ has been released in America. Who or what was the thought behind writing this new book?

Firstly, I would say this is not just a book. It’s a movement. The problem I see in today’s corporate world is that people come to work, do their job, work hard, upskill themselves, and believe that all of this will get them the success and growth they want. And that’s a big disappointment they are signing up for. If one could grow at their work simply by doing all of this, we wouldn’t see a wide gap between average and exceptionally successful leaders in the companies. The current training programs fail to develop more successful people in the workplace.

This book challenges conventional ideas of leadership success. It gives a unique fusion of cutting-edge ideas, personal stories, industry leaders’ stories, and a robust framework for getting you to the next level sooner.

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Q) What is the core message behind this book?

It’s simple— Winning does not discriminate between gender or color. Winning is for one and all. People in the corporate world have forgotten that they are here to win. And let me add here that winning is not only about titles, positions, or glory. It’s about how you transform yourself to be the best at what you do.

The purpose of the nine invaluable laws described in this book is to help you change how you approach work and to inspire you to win the leadership game methodologically.

Q) In the book, you’ve explained the “Self- Optimization Wheel” for leaders to succeed at their work. What is this wheel about?

Well, I’ve taught this process to thousands of executives now. Self-optimization is a continuous process where you focus on becoming the best version of yourself daily. It’s a process of having a clear understanding of your emotions and how you react to difficult situations. It’s about understanding the “triggers” and “stressors” in your life and having a plan for processing them.

And practicing this wheel begins with your morning routine.

Q) Is it possible to win the Leadership game every time? Even with obstacles we face daily, or even the times of Pandemic?

Absolutely. Look, people are keen to change their results and growth. But they don’t know how to get there. So, they ask their friends and relatives for their advice. But guess what, friends and family can’t help much because they are stuck in a rut; else, they would be high on income and career. The nine invaluable laws in this book help you know how to win.

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Q) In what ways will the book be helpful to the readers?

Here’s the core; it will help you.

–  Get to your next level

– Outperform everyone else

– Stand out and be distinctly visible in the noisy corporate world.

Q) What other ways are you trying to help people in their leadership journey?

I believe I am here to serve the people. My team also works with the same intention. And so I am constantly putting out valuable leadership stuff on our various platforms like the Payal Nanjiani Leadership podcast, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube. People can also sign up for our leadership newsletter.

Q) Your extensive advice to the audience?

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. You can only play your role and win the game if you feel fit, stable, and nourished in all dimensions of your life.

Q) Is the book available in India?

Yes. It’s available on Amazon worldwide as well as on my website.

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