Mr. Dhruv Sheth, Chief Operating Officer , OML

Dhruv Sheth, COO, OML

Brief Profile:

OML’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dhruv Sheth joined the company in 2012, as a production intern for the David Guetta concerts, and has steadily risen through the ranks. In his current role, he oversees the content division, the integrated creator and artist management team, and finance and legal divisions of the company, while bringing organizational efficiencies across business operations at OML. The commerce graduate from H.R. College, Mumbai, has honed an instinctive sense of picking up talent, expanding the artist management roster at OML to 75 artists from 17 artists seven years ago. Amongst the shows Dhruv helped build at OML are AIB’s roast show- Knockout, Comicstaan, One Mic Stand, Pushpavalli, Laakhon Mein Ek, and Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare. Having already produced over 200 hours of content for multiple digital platforms in the last couple of years, Dhruv has an interesting line-up of content-led shows coming up next year.

As we chat with Mr. Dhruv Sheth about his latest show Comicstaan Tamil, he spills a lot of interesting details about the show.

Q) What are your expectations from Comicstaan Tamil and also how important is content for you?

The Stand-Up comedy scene is growing in Tamil Nadu and we wanted to bring Comcicstaan as a platform for new audiences to discover the art of stand up comedy. This show is extremely important to give a welcoming jolt to the already growing comedy scene in Tamil Nadu.

Q) Can we expect any popular names in the show?

The show has 3 extremely popular and veteran comics at the helm as judges – Karthik Kumar,  Rajmohan Arumugam(from Popular YT channel Put Chutney), and Praveen Kumar.

Q) Will the comic act be in Tamil only or there could be something in English too?

The show is predominantly in Tamil. We wanted to keep it true to its region since its a language adaptation.

Interaction with Dhruv, COO, OMLQ) Do you think a show like this is enough to bring genuine talent at the forefront?

This show is only one of the things that Amazon Prime Video is trying to do to give a platform to comedic talent. Along with Comicstaan Tamil, APV has launched many Tamil stand up Comedy specials as well. More content showcasing talent will help in getting more visibility to the existing and the up and coming talent.

Q) Please give your opinion on: ‘The extended lockdown will provide a surge in the viewership’?

Well, there’s no doubt that viewership has surged in the lockdown and we are seeing the results of that as well. But at the same time, competition for attention has also increased. Content competition has also increased now that short-form content also competes with long-form content.

Q) Do you have any plans to tie up with any other OTT players as well?

We are in talks with almost all platforms to bring new and exciting regional content and content formats to the audiences.

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