“Just being honest with the client is our USP”: Amol Roy, Founder, Shutter Cast

Amol Roy Founder Shutter Cast

Brief Profile:

Being launched in 2016, Shutter Cast, is a website development agency now stepping as a digital marketing agency. The firm boasts of unbeatable business transparency in the market. Shutter Cast was founded by Amol Roy. He manages the core team, cultivates relationships with clients, generates new business, ideates, and develops crucial technologies. Media Infoline interacts with Mr. Amol Roy, Founder, Shutter Cast. Let’s dive into it.

Q) Tell us something about yourself.

My Journey has been very exciting. I worked on several start-up ideas since 2014. My good knowledge in augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, filming, digital marketing, and video editing. My familiarity with such a wide range of technologies encouraged me to start a venture where I can capitalize on my talent.

During holidays, I like to travel. My favourite destination is Dubai, and I expect to visit New York shortly. I am enthusiastic about experiencing different cultures, I want to live and work in every major country &experience how people live in different parts of the world, and explore and understand other lifestyles.

Q) Take us through the story behind the birth of Shutter Cast. How was the journey so far?

The idea of ShutterCast came to mind when I paid a company INR 35K to build a website. Unhappy with their work, I decided to learn how to design websites. While learning how to design sites, the idea to create Shutter Cast took hold, and the company was born. The company was founded with a vision to provide high-quality and transparent work in the digital marketing domain.

Talking about ups and downs, one thing is probably true for everyone – lockdown has been the longest we have stayed at home in many years but as my business was already following an online model, pandemic didn’t make much difference to it. Further, COVID-19 has forced many businesses to go digital and adopt changes to continue operations when people continue to avoid in-store visits. The rise in the digital transformation of businesses across various sectors has benefitted us. Being a digital marketing agency, we have experienced a huge rise in the number of clients approaching us for website and app solutions or digital services. Needless to say, COVID-19 has helped us achieve our business targets much in advance.

Amol Roy, Founder, Shutter Cast

Q) What are the other services that you’re providing?

Shutter Cast specializes in website development, android/IOS app development, and digital marketing services. We also provide content writing, SEO, graphic designing, company registration, animation/video editing, angel investment, and incubation services. Further, since website development is a diverse field, there is no fixed charge for our services.

Q) What is the work module of the company? What makes Shutter Cast a step ahead of its peers?

We have worked a lot on improving small things that a client is not understanding or when there is some communication issue with the client or when he wants to know how things work. We have a few clients who are excited enough to know how things work actually so we try to tell them also. Because our base is just being honest with the client that is our USP. I have clients even currently who have paid as much as 80K to open an Amazon Web Services account when such an account can be acquired for free. Also, for the Amazon Seller account, they have paid 50-60K, only for the sign up whereas signing up on any platform is free. That is what the industry is generally facing. A lot of people are trying to fool the clients and charge extra money. That is the USP of our company at the end of the day and focus on services too like delivering projects on time, offering services which include not only making websites or apps but maintaining services also. We have plans for three months, six months, and yearly plans.

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

I personally believe in exploring as much as possible and venturing into newer spaces. Business growth is the prime focus for me and we are soon venturing into the custom PC business. Five years down the line, I believe, we would expand the business by manifold. Technology and transformation are the future and we are on the right path. We aim to expand into being a one-stop platform for start-ups, willing to offer everything a company requires. From legal to monetary, etc.!

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