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“We want to focus on deeper business relationships over more clients, that will bring in more expertise”: Ankur Pujari, Co-Founder & Growth Lead, Hyper Connect Asia

MediaInfoline May 5, 2021

Brief Profile:

Hyper Connect was initiated in 2018 by creative duo, Ankur Pujari and Kiran Khadke in the year 2018. The agency offers services in the fields of business consulting, D2C brand stewardship, brand strategy, digital and social marketing, data analytics, UI-UX design, and video production. Headquartered in Mumbai and offices in Delhi & Singapore, Hyper Connect is a team of 40 that boasts of a common thread “Clarity of Power”.

In a conversation with Media Infoline, Ankur Pujari- Co-founder & Growth Lead at Hyper Connect Asia opens up about their latest campaigns and post-pandemic reaction. Let’s wade through…

Q) What does Hyper Connect Asia do? What kind of services do you provide?

Hyper Connect is a strategy-led communications agency for the digital age. We are amongst 1st few agencies in India that have created expertise in building Direct to Consumer/E-commerce brands groups up. We work with start-ups as well as scale-ups (large established companies) to make them e-commerce ready. Services that encapsulate our offering include digital strategy, opportunity assessment for a product in the e-commerce category, new product launch strategy in an owned website and e-commerce marketplaces, visual identity and design, building brands on social media, performance marketing on Amazon, Off-amazon and analytics.

Q) What are your latest campaigns?

Our latest campaign includes Set Wet Hair Gel’s Zayada Sexy Raho with a battery of A-listed influencers to launch their new signature range, the Launch of a new digital 1st campaign, Driven by you for CEAT specialty tyres in Europe, a hard-hitting product launch, and a heart-warming Eid film for Kotak Mutual Fund and a few big campaigns in the pipeline for Puresense and CocoSoul (D2C brands in skincare).

Q) Where is digital marketing headed post-pandemic?

Digital marketing has become the mainline advertising now during and post-pandemic world. As more and more brands embraced digital from building their digital assets to reach their consumers in the lockdown phase. The trend will only go up from here. The slow change that was expected in 2-3 years for digital adoption has accelerated in the last 6 months and almost all consumer-facing and B2B brands now have their mainline focus on digital.

So, the good times are here to stay for Digital Marketing but as it matures in the coming months, the need for digital 1st brand vision, setting up of robust infrastructure, measurability metrics will evolve and agencies with a sound understanding of the brand along with an understanding of digital platforms will reap benefits from this.

Q) Pandemic has affected almost every corner of advertising, marketing, and branding. What do you think about this? Do you think this change will stay for longer?

Well, nothing is forever. Everything changes and adapts, right now is the time to adapt to the current situation be more frugal with business, be more empathetic towards the team, clients, and consumer sentiments. Times will change and we as advertising people are the 1st ones to adapt to consumer sentiments.

Q) What are your plans for 2021 and the future ahead?

The future is definitely bright for digital advertising so the tailwinds will give us the right velocity to grow in business terms. However, holistic growth comes from things we do beyond business and that will be a part of our focus & investment plan.

We intend to become more people-centric in times to come and adapt our policies that are unique to our vision of building one of the best companies to be a part of. We want to focus on deeper business relationships over more clients, we want to attract the right partnerships that will bring in more expertise, and so on. So, 2021 and beyond look promising for a sustainable growth path.


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