Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi, Director, PineTree Pictures

Gautam Chaturvedi director Pinetree Picture

Brief Profile:

Gautam Chaturvedi, an actor known for his role as Gaurav in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki turned Entrepreneur over 13 years back and built Pinetree Pictures, an organization that has evolved dramatically during the lockdown. Gautam has Produced around 500 Documentaries, Corporate Films, Training Films, and AVs for Private Companies, Public Enterprise and Government Bodies. During the lockdown, he innovated and created a short film ‘Work From Home’ which has gone on to win 6 international awards.

We interviewed Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi a while ago. Let’s read the full of it.

Q) Tell us something about the background of Pinetree Pictures?

Pine Tree Pictures was set up in 2007 and we have expertise in managing offline & online events and in making films. For the past over a decade now we have been servicing clients from across various sectors be it Tech, Oil & Natural Gas, Steel, FMCG, etc. We have been managing their brand communication in terms of Ad films, Promotional videos, Instructional films, Corporate films along with managing events like launch events, Annual conferences, Sales meets, Reward & Recognition, etc.

Q) What was the impact of lockdown on the company?

We are a part of the service sector, and our sector has been the worst hit in the past 10 months. There have been no ground events but we decided to live up to the challenge and developed expertise in the space of virtual/online events and since we make films that kept us afloat.

Gautam Chaturvedi Pinetree Picture

Q) When the whole world is facing issues in managing a business, what are the first 4 steps Pinetree is adopting to dissolve the problem?

I am not an expert at this but can share what we did

  1. Keep the communication channels open
  2. Upskill and improve on existing expertise
  3. Stay Motivated & informed
  4. Keep ourselves lean and avoid unnecessary expenses

Q) Has the pandemic anyway hampered your revenue structure?

Yes, it has hugely affected revenues and we are functioning at nearly 25% of last year’s revenues.

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

We plan to expand our reach in online/ virtual events and are exploring possibilities on OTT platforms. In the past 10 months, we have managed over 20 online events and delivered more than 500 minutes of film content to our clients. This has given us hope and confidence that we can tide over these challenging times.

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