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Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder, Koffeetech Communications

MediaInfoline December 3, 2020

Brief Profile:

Established in the year 2016, Koffeetech Communications is headed by Mr. Jay Rathod and Mrs. Parita Rathod. This Mumbai-based company names itself to have a one-point solution for all digital marketing services. Koffeetech specializes in creating easy-to-use digital solutions; assisting brands and designing effective social media marketing campaigns. The company offers services for customers across categories from Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Web Design to Branding.

While speaking with Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder of Koffeetech Communications, he mentioned working as an extension for a brand and not a service provider. He also emphasized being known for the company’s overall strategy.

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Let’s dive into the whole interview.

Q) As you’re serving in different verticals, how do you see the market growing towards post-pandemic?

As an integrated agency, Koffeetech Communications provides an end to end digital and marketing solutions which are mainly divided into four categories; Digital Marketing, Website Development, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and Branding.

Disrupting the status quo, the covid19 pandemic has compelled every business to turn their traditional marketing playbooks and switch to the online marketing model. Accelerating the change to digital mediums, this situation has opened doors for any kind or strata of business to reach potential consumers creating an online community with a sense of affinity towards the brand. The post-pandemic world will change significantly with conventional marketing tools to lose its market share over the new-age tools. Prioritizing customer engagement and understanding their needs, consumer segmentation on behavioral data, implementing the right marketing strategies are a few of the factors that a marketer should consider in the post-pandemic life.

Q) Digital marketing is evolving each day. What are the key changes have you noticed?

The rise in internet consumption has been a major driving force behind the dynamic and fast-growing digital marketing arena. In today’s fast-paced lives, digital marketing has moved beyond branding and advertising, it also implies building a great user experience and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Talking about the key transformations in digital marketing, it is no secret that more and more businesses are investing in AI as it fuels productivity and is also capable of understanding content performance in the target audience. Growth in chatbots, providing an informative user experience which is perceived as personal customer service. Developing personalized content is the next big thing in digital marketing as businesses today are focused on generating fresh and out-of-the-box ideas to develop high-quality content, being one of the effective ways of attracting an audience and turning them into potential leads.

Jay Rathod, Founder, Koffeetech Communications

Q) How has the pandemic changed the perception of brands? Or is it otherwise?

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things about the world in a very short span of time and has completely transformed the way that we interact with others. For any business, having an online presence has become mandatory in today’s tech-savvy world and if you do not have a digital profile it simply means your brand existence is almost void. Today the brand wants an approach with minimal expenditure and maximum ROI. Marketing objectives live brand visibility, awareness, etc. have been replaced by lead generation and engagement.

Q) COVID 19 has changed the spectrum of the brands and their marketing. Has it anyway affected the revenue segment also?

The covid pandemic has been a boon or a bane for many businesses adapting to an uncertain future. Since the ongoing crisis has disrupted the normal lifestyle, the virtual world has come to the rescue compelling brands to shift base to digital mediums

With a changing consumer behavior landscape, the ROI for the companies has been influenced which forced the businesses to generate out-of-the-box ideas. In the coming years, digital marketing is anticipated to take over a major share of other conventional marketing techniques. The technological developments which are moderating marketing tactics of the businesses are now becoming a new-age marketing channel.

Q) Buyers’ world is changing constantly. What are the first 4 target points that you pin while reaching them with a particular brand?

The shift in the consumer’s behavior is a welcome change for sure. While pitching for a brand, it is vital to create the right buzz about the product/offerings in the market. In the future, providing irresistible offers to the audience and promoting the same through different social media channels will see a sizable increase.

Building credibility amongst the customers to influence their buying patterns, behaviors and thoughts is another key factor to consider. And lastly, going extra mile for the customers i.e consistently working to improve and add value to customer satisfaction are effective ways of consumer retention.


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