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“Pandemic has definitely made a lot of people think about their priorities, their consumption patterns, and also the transience of life”: Dev Batra, Founder and CEO, L&F

MediaInfoline May 7, 2021

Brief Profile:

Established in 2013, Lyxel&Flamingo (L&F) is a marketing and creative agency headquartered out of Gurugram, India. Boasts of being one of the largest independent agencies in India (over 250 full-time employees), the company also has a presence in Mumbai and Bengaluru in the country.

Dev Batra, Founder & CEO, L&F while conversing with Media Infoline, spoke more about their growth story, and plans ahead. Let’s pore over…

Q) What is Lyxel&Flamingo? What is the story behind the name?

We are a full-service, digital-first marketing and creative agency that works with brands to help them discover, engage and retain their customers. We were founded in January 2013 by myself, Yesh Miranda, Shreyansh Bhandari, and Priya Batra. As one of the largest independent agencies in India growing at almost 100% CAGR for the last 3 years, we manage digital and creative mandates as an agency on record for brands like SRL Diagnostics, The Body Shop, ASICS Shoes, RSPL Group, Vega, McNroe, Dabur, Cipla amongst others.

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‘Lyxel’ is the left brain of the company focusing on performance marketing, media optimization, analytics, and maths of media for various brands and as top agency partners for Google, Facebook, and Amazon; in addition to being the exclusive back-end support partner for managing PLA and  PCA advertising on Flipkart platform.

While ‘Flamingo’ is the right brain of the company. It is responsible for the sensory aspects of our business- churning out beautiful looking and high on experience websites, high-performance creative outcomes, digital strategy building, and executing them through our in-house team of designers, social media strategists, creative artists, photographers, video developers, illustration artists, etc.

We are a team of about 250 people working across our offices in Gurugram (Head office), Bengaluru, and Mumbai

Q) How has the pandemic changed the businesses and revenue for L&F?

With brands moving aggressively towards growing their digital footprint, we have been very fortunate to become the agency of choice for brands, starting or growing their digital journey.

Amidst all the gloom caused by this deadly pandemic, we feel blessed to have at least our business to cheer about. We have witnessed massive business growth in the last year- has added more than 100 new people to the company and winning mandates of 40 clients.

We opened our Bengaluru office in October 2020 with our partner and co-founder, Yesh Miranda heading our regional business in South India. Our team of 15 members is servicing some of the region-based clients including VGuard, TopChop in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kochi.

Next year, we are projecting a growth of 150-180% over our 2020-21 revenues given the quality of the acquired clients and a strong business development pipeline.

Dev Batra_Co Founder and CEO_Lyxel&Flaming

Q) What are the digital marketing trends that would prevail in 2021?

A lot of trends are emerging for the industry to see. I will try and make it succinct for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Rise of micro-influencers: Not so much for their reach (which is also useful) but more for their ability to create good quality content that can add a lot of authenticity to a brand’s communication strategy
  2. Rise of Vernacular content: With 600mn people in India online; digital is as mainstream as any other medium in this country. The new audiences are primarily coming from tier 2 and 3 cities. Non-native demographics like 50+ year-olds are using digital to buy products and solutions. More than 80% of people online tend to consume content in their local language – and hence building local content is going to get extremely critical with time.
  3. Rise of YouTube: A lot of people have started using YouTube as a mode of discovery of brands and trends instead of Google search. Having a structured YouTube content creation strategy and an always-on YouTube advertising presence (through bumper ads) is a great way to build salience and improve brand search volumes.
  4. Rise of e-commerce platforms as the new upper funnel channels: For the longest time, Amazon, Flipkart, and others were seen as lower funnel channels where consumers would come to only buy products. Today they are seen as awareness and consideration-building channel as well. So it is important to improve brand assets on these platforms with A+ content, brand Store content creation, video Ads, tracking reviews, and the voice of customers.
  5. Always On Digital: This is not a new trend but usually there are two kinds of brands – those who have been deploying digital investments in an ‘Always-On’ mode and others who deployed digital intermittently or used it only for performance marketing. Now with a larger part of potential customers spending a disproportionately higher amount of time on digital, it is imperative to think about an ‘Always on’ Visibility on digital to improve your brand search volumes and Social Share of Voice

Q) Do you think the pandemic changed the entire concept of branding, marketing, and advertising?

The pandemic has definitely made a lot of people think about their priorities, their consumption patterns, and also the transience of life. I am sure it will have a more long-term impact on the thinking patterns of the younger GenZ and Gen Alpha folks who may probably develop stronger wanderlust, a higher focus on the sharing economy, and spending more on items on impulse.

However, as advertisers, it will make us become more empathetic, more cause-led because youngsters are watching. Brands that have been more sensitive to the pandemic and how it has impacted us will probably grow better and those that have been tone-deaf might see themselves out of favor.

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Q) What are your future plans and programs?

As an organization, our mission is “Building For the Future”. We constantly endeavor to peer into the future and identify how massive waves of disruption are impacting both, our industry as well as our clients. The more responsive we are to the vagaries of disruption, the better shall be our growth and growth of brands working with us. So that’s the big plan for us and our band of 40 odd leaders who are practically running this system – identifying future trends and working on them heads down.


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