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Mr.Dushyant Sapre, Regional Director, Global Supply & Business Development, Criteo APAC

MediaInfoline June 13, 2017

Q) What kind of solution does Criteo provide?

Criteo, a leader in performance marketing, delivers personalized performance marketing solutions to companies in retail, travel and classified verticals in India. We help companies understand shoppers’ behaviours across devices, browsers and apps. Criteo measures return on post-click sales, making ROI transparent and easy to measure for our clients.

For companies to seamlessly connect with in-market shoppers, increase sales and grow market share, our native product ads are displayed on the sites and apps of retailers with our Sponsored Products solution.

With our Dynamic Retargeting solution, e-commerce companies get the advantage to drive sales for businesses by intelligently converting online shoppers with dynamic, personalized and relevant ads. Our technology has been designed from the ground up to show the most relevant ad; or no ad at all, ensuring advertising always serves the shopper’s interest while maximizing profit from every visit for publishers and advertisers.

Q) What was Criteo’s biggest achievement in the year 2016?

On November 2016, Criteo acquired HookLogic, the pioneer of performance marketing providing solutions to leading retailers and online travel agencies. The addition of both the HookLogic team and technology to our business, along with the recent launch of Predictive Search, has enabled us to focus on delivering more value to brand manufacturers and retailers, providing them with a full portfolio of performance marketing solutions.

HookLogic has strengthenedCriteo’s performance marketing platform; and furthers our efforts of delivering seamless and accountable performance across the consumer journey for a cohesive and personalised advertising experience.

Q) Please throw some light on Criteo’s new solution ‘Direct Bidder’, its USP, advantages etc.?

In the past few years, we have noticed that there are multiple Supply Side Platforms (SSP) who are now working with publishers. Though this might have worked in the past, we have realised that the initially conceived mechanism may not necessarily be creating a win-win scenario for both advertisers and publishers today. Thus, instead of working with multiple middle men, with Direct Bidder we are now connecting our global pool of 15,000 advertisers directly with the publisher. The solution will help streamlining bidding for publisher inventory with transparency created by the elimination of third-party fees.

As the leader in performance marketing space, with Direct Bidder we have built an ecosystem that connects demand and supply as a virtuous circle. The success of this ecosystem relies on win-win scenarios for both sides. Criteo’s Direct Bidder enables publishers to capture higher spend from our builds on the current integration by providing more granular bid values and allowing integrations into existing wrapper tags. Additionally, it helps the publishers enjoy fast responses with a direct connection into Criteo’s globally distributed network of more than 21,000 Criteo-owned and operated servers, delivering lightning-quick responses to more than 120B requests per day. It also efficiently monetizes a publisher’s ad-blocked impressions.Finally, as it directly matches users’ cookies, including those from Safari browsers, the solution has resulted in an average of 20% greater spend from Criteo.

For our advertising clients, Criteo Direct Bidder improves our media buying efficiency, transparency and inventory access which results in better campaign performance, scale and ROI. Just explain a few key highlights including:

  1. Increased audience reach. Connect with more of your shoppers who consume content across the web, as the new integration allows Criteo to see more of the publisher’s audience and connect with them at the right moment.
  2. Enhanced inventory Access. Get better visibility through premium inventory, which is not available through exchanges or other DSPs that you are working with
  3. Maximum Conversions. Access more opportunities for conversion. Unlike other DSPs who apply broad filtering to manage the increased bid request volume that header bidding brings, Criteo can quickly differentiate between unique and duplicate bid requests to ensure that no opportunities are missed.
  4. Better campaign performance. With greater media buying efficiency, Criteo generates more sales volume and ROI for our clients.

Increased transparency: Buying inventory directly from the publisher increases the level of certainty that inventory is coming from the intended source.

Q) What are Criteo’s future plans and programmes?

Currently Criteo is providing performance marketing solutions for companies in retail, travel, and classifieds in India. Soon the company will be expanding more clients in terms of verticals.

Seeing the growth and usage of multiple devices by online users in India, we are ambitious to innovate on core platforms and the cross-device infrastructure in India. In fact in a recent study by Criteo, it was found that about 51% online shoppers use more than two devices in India.

We are also focusing on expanding into sources of inventory, specifically mobile in-app, social and native.  India is an important and emerging market for us. We are focusing on strengthening our position in APAC, in South-East Asia, and India.


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