Prabhjyot Singh to be seen with Darsheel Safari in the next film


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Prabhjyot Singh played the sardar kid in Udta Punjab. Playing a second fiddle to Diljit Dosanj and working with Kareena Kapoor was a great learning curve for him. Prabhjyot now is all set to announce his second film with Darsheel Safari called ‘Quickie’.
Quickie is about a teenage love story based on one night stand. It is a comic film that is bound to tickle the funny bone of people. It is about a group of friends and how their journey goes about that night. Prabhjyot’s character in the film is named Amrinder aka “Amrood”. People are going to leave the theater giggling and grinning. Prabhjyot’s character has such punch lines that are bound to stick in the mind of the viewers. The film has a story line that will connect with youngsters as they have a similar mindset and go about the life similar to the characters of the film.

Q) What made you take a journey towards film industry?

I always dreamt of becoming an actor but coming from a middle class family it makes challenging to pursue one’s dreams. I got the opportunity to shoot for Udhta Punjab during 10th standard. It was difficult for me to choose but my parents supported me which encouraged me and I succeeded at both.

Q) How did Udta Punjab happen to you?

My first opportunity as my acting debut was merely short 30 seconds role in a religious play. The casting assistants of Honey Trehan (casting director) were on a look out for a sikh actor at the time and they spotted me and approached me. I was called for an audition which I got shortlisted for. At the time I had no clue I was auditioning for such a huge movie and how important my role was for it. So when I got to know about my role I was completely taken aback with surprise.

Q) Tell us about Quickie, your latest assignment.

Quickie is a teenage comedy film. It is a group lead movie with 6 main characters. It is a film based on one night stand. I think it’s something new for the industry as usually the teenager roles are played by elder actors unlike this movie wherein we are all teenagers ourselves. It is a film which is definitely going to get loved by the youth.

Q) What is your character in the film?

I’m playing Darsheel Safary’s friend in the film. I am playing a comic character with a great sense of humour and most of the punch lines lie with me. My character is a cool guy who pretends to be cool but is not that cool. It was fun playing this colorful character. My character name is Amrinder but my friends call me Amrood.

Q) How is your bonding with Darsheel Safari on the set?

In the beginning, it was very awkward for us to gel up but now we are great friends apart from meeting on the sets or for some professional work we keep meeting and play games like Counterstrike and have fun together. He is not very elder to me but has great knowledge of film industry so he keeps sharing the knowledge with me. After the shoot, we are even planning a vacation together.

Q) Are there any other new prospects you are working now?

I have signed a film in lead with Dev Kabir Productions and one of my web-series is releasing in July. I have been approached by Punjabi filmmakers as well though I’m waiting for the right role. Also, I have been offered a cameo role in Akshay Kumar’s Gold.

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