“Within the near future, we see a growth of digital marketing and therefore the era of vast internet marketing”: Rajnish Jain, Founder, Crossword Public Relations

Brief Profile:

Crossword Public Relations was founded in September 2015 by Rajnish Jain. Rajnish holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Rajnish has almost 9 years of experience in the field of Public Relations.

In an interaction with Media Infoline, Rajnish Jain, Founder, Crossword Public Relations talked about their journey and managing a team remotely. Let’s read the full interview to know more about it:

Q) How did the idea of Crossword Public Relations happen? How was the journey so far?

We started in 2015 with only 2 members in the team and with the endeavor to nourish it within the roots. While working within the corporate sector, I noticed my charisma and keenness towards entrepreneurship; therefore I started Crossword Public Relations. The journey has been an impeccable ride of a time; we have worked with more than 100 clients within a short timeline and achieved the simplest of results over the years. We have been a forerunner in every service we provide and we are basically a 360-degree marketing company.

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Q) How challenging it is to create and manage an efficient and profitable PR company?

There has to be always an excellent level of understanding between the team and the leader who is showing the ideology of work and the aim to take the organization to its heights. Being the Founder of Crossword PR, I have always been creative and focused on what I would like and aim to realize with this venture. I have always chosen the right people for the right work keeping me free from the work stress, alongside traveling which keeps my zen focused towards the right things. It is just that you simply got to be consistent and effective at an equivalent time regardless of the situation, the work should always be on track.

Rajnish Jain, Founder, Crossword PR

Q) How are you and your team managing work in these times? Is it difficult to work remotely? How are you planning to overcome the issues?

Yes, absolutely it has been rough working in these times of need, but we at Crossword PR have always been positive on our work ethics and tried our greatest to overcome the communication gap internally or externally in times of Covid-19. Though we have constantly been in-tuned with our clients and made sure that they get the simplest coverage even in these times. We have planned on different ideas and utilized the digital aspect of the market to its best, thus getting us further in line for a brighter future.

Q) Brands and their marketing strategy have changed dramatically, due to the pandemic. Do you see any relevance to revenue creation at Crossword PR? Do you think it will last longer?

As we see the expansion of digitalization to its best, the market has been remotely working to vary the normal ways of selling towards digital marketing and getting in line with the aspect of it. Due to the digital work of action, revenue creation is getting placed in line and smoother with time. What must be done is that the discipline of driving sustainable, profitable growth through a variety of strategies around the assortment. Definitely, within the near future, we see a growth of digital marketing and therefore the era of vast internet marketing.

Q) How do you perceive the year 2021? What are your future plans?

2021 has been a tumultuous year so far. We hope that the pandemic subsides and we are fully back in action. ‘Business as Usual’ must come back to the forefront again to ensure a healthy competitive business environment.  We will be focusing more on digital platforms in terms of Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, etc.

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As a complete solution provider for communication needs, we at Crossword Public Relations intend to provide world-class services to all our clients. Additionally, we would aim at more clientele and a growing team to ensure the stability and growth of the company.

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