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“We are highly focused on launching high-end technologies in India”: Rimo Bose, Corporate Communication Manager, TCL India

MediaInfoline May 24, 2021

Brief Profile:

TCL Electronics, one of the leading consumer electronics companies. Founded in 1981 in China, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. According to Sigmaintell, TCL is ranked 2nd in the global TV market in terms of sales volume in 2019. TCL specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs to audio, appliances, and smart home products.

In an interaction with Media Infoline, Rimo Bose, Communications Head, TCL India took us through their latest brand and technologies. She also talked about how pandemic has changed the marketing concept for brands. “We are now understanding the importance of involving communication technologies and digital platforms in our day-to-day marketing plans”, she says.

Featuring the full interview here. Do give it a read:

Q) What are your recent launches? What is the market value of TCL at present?

Recently in March, we launched India’s first Android 11 based TV – P725, the interesting part is it comes with a video camera and also a new range of AC named Ocarina, that comes 3-in-one filter to safeguard your indoors from germs, dirt, and bacteria. Right now the overall market share is 6% for TCL, we are aiming to reach at least 8% by the next financial year.

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Q) How TV brands are focusing on new technologies?

India is a diverse place. One of the main goals right now for TV brands is to reach out to customers with high-end technologies, such as QLED is one such segment that is in high demand. Then obviously better sound system and the display has always been something that the customers have focused on for ages. If we take a look at TCL products, our QLED models launched last year are pretty popular, so is the newly launched P725. Since last year, people are at home, working, schooling, and everything is happening digitally so our hands-free voice control technology present in our QLED and 4K TVs actually are ideal to support customers. As these are in demand to meet the customer’s pain points our flexible finance options give customers a window to buy these.

Rimo Bose, Communications Head, TCL IndiaQ) What are the latest marketing strategy that will prevail the year?

In times of crisis, the amount of challenges always ends up making us more diligent with our marketing tactics, digitalization is the key to success, be reaching customers through social media for real-time feedback or selling products through eCommerce platform, this is something we are highly focused on, even when we focus on carrying out a news release we do try to figure out which topic is good for online media which is for print. The aim is to provide relevant information to the customers, our marketing strategy is a mixed bag of a new age and traditional methods.

Q) Has pandemic transformed the marketing concept of brands? Do you think it will stay longer?

Indeed the marketing concept for consumer brands earlier focused on offline retail branding. It also focused on an outdoor medium such as hoarding, however, for the last year people are confined in their homes and their access to information is mainly TV and browsing the internet which entails social media platforms, blog platforms, online news portals, and others. We are now understanding the importance of involving communication technologies and digital platforms in our day-to-day marketing plans.

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Indeed it will stay for the long haul, it has brought in a disruption that is pretty well received by the audience.

Q) Is TCL venturing into other products?

We are highly known for our TVs, but we do have smart air conditioners. We have launched a soundbar and very soon you will find our washing machine. We want to be known as a home appliances brand.

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

We are highly focused on launching high-end technologies in India. We are soon going to launch the C-series which is already showcased at CES this year. Our plan is also to expand our market share and also very soon our Tirupathi factory will be functioning which is on hold due to the pandemic.



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