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iProspect, a Dentsu company, with its new attire determined to provide brand building, strategic planning, business intelligence, marketing activation, and performance optimization. The iProspect teams, in India and in partnership with over 90 other markets, will now collectively define a new era in media and be the first agency to offer performance-driven brand building at a global scale.

Speaking about the new agency, Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India exclusively takes us through the brand name and their structure.

Q) What is new about iProspect? What is the work module?

By integrating two award-winning agencies, we bring Vizeum’s media strategy and planning, storytelling, and brand-building capabilities together with iProspect’s digital expertise, audience knowledge, and performance mindset. Clients will have access to the unique capabilities of both agencies, all from one integrated team of highly skilled experts from across a multitude of media specialisms. We believe growth lies at the intersection of brand and performance because all advertising is about performance; all advertising can and should build brands and drive growth. We unite brand and performance to drive growth in a way that also builds brands. Brands must capture the value and potential impact of every touchpoint to both drive sales and build lifetime value. However, brands can’t just focus on driving short-term sales at the expense of long-term brand health. We balance optimization and transformation delivering growth today whilst unlocking growth for the future.

Q) What is the idea behind the tagline “Brands Accelerated”?

Our mission is to deliver smart, scalable, honest, and relevant work that grows business, enriches our clients, and makes media momentous. To do this, we need to focus on our clients and understand how we can help them better to succeed and grow their businesses through our dual-lens perspective of brand and performance. Clients are now looking to drive growth and transformation through simple and more integrated agency relationships. They want reduced complexity and want to create more integrated skilled solutions. The new iProspect will fuse the existing capabilities of brand building and strategic planning along with activation and performance optimization. This puts us in a unique position to help brands accelerate their growth by offering digital-first end-to-end solutions.

Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India

Q) Please take us through your Indian structure.

We have reorganized ourselves in India to be able to offer this integrated approach to our clients. Where there were specialists that were looking at particular silos we have brought them together now and integrated them as a team. So, it’s the same theme but with newer roles. Kaushik Chakraborty, Muddassar Memon, Krishna Kumar, Santosh Mishra, and Venkata Dontha are the senior leadership team in the new iProspect. KK is leading the integrated strategy while Mudassar is leading client management nationally. They are not just looking at their erstwhile roles but integrating together and re-organizing to take an integrated solution to the market.

Q) Do you feel pressure, being freshly grasped in the times where the digital dimension is expanding at a much faster pace?

The new iProspect is a digital-first, end-to-end media agency. It is set to define a new era of performance-driven brand building in the industry. We think that our performance mindset gives us a unique advantage to flex and scale much faster, especially in the post-pandemic world, where consumers and clients are thinking digital-first. At iProspect we focus on how consumers behave in their digital world and apply that to real-world scenarios via a highly connected and creative use of every media channel.

As digital specialists, our perspective allows us to rapidly optimize our work and adapt to ever-evolving human intent at those pivotal intersections in life when culture, content, data, and technology meet. With precision and at pace, we’re able to learn, flex and scale our output to transform a brand’s performance and provide effective business growth; immediately and in the future.

Q) What are your expectations from 2021? What are your future plans and programs?

We need to focus on our current clients and demonstrate our end-to-end capabilities to them. We will also look to partner with other brands, both domestic and international who find themselves at a pivot point in their digital transformation in media. This is where we will make the biggest difference and where our skillsets can drive bigger and better growth for our clients. Increasingly, this will mean clients who measure business outcomes, not just media metrics, and clients that are looking to challenge the rules to unlock new sources of growth. People are the heart of our business. We will focus on, maintaining an empowering culture that really allows our people to thrive and grow. We will continue to upskill our team and bring in new talent to innovate and deliver award-winning work for our clients.

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