“Due to the presence of the specific target audience it is better and faster for the brands to disseminate information”: Shivam Rao, Co-Founder & COO of Trinity Gaming

Interview of Shivam Rao Co-Founder Trinity Gaming

Brief Profile:

Trinity Gaming, India’s top gaming talent management company, has created a unique ecosystem for gaming content creators. Currently, the company has a clan of 250+ top creators who have been working with India’s top brands. With a statement saying, Game, Connect and Build, Trinity Gaming is praising itself for helping the beginners to make a serious career out of their passion and past time from gaming.

Currently, they manage more than 250 top content creators in India who specialize as entertainers and influencers for the gaming ecosystem. Trinity is also a Creator Service Provider (CSP) for Facebook and is responsible for the Facebook Gaming Partner Program in the South Asian Region.

Shivam Rao, Co-Founder & COO of Trinity Gaming spoke with Media Infoline about the brand itself. Let’s give it a read…

Q) How is Trinity Gaming helping creators? What roles are you playing to help them earn money?

For creators who are already seen as influencers, we have brand managers who precisely scout the brands and deals. They provide them with endorsements and projects with some of the big gaming support companies like ASUS which helps them monetize their craft. Talking about the growing creators, we focus on providing them with initial support and creating a strong foundation to be approached by brands and earn money. We provide creators with graphical assistance, emotional support and we aim to work on them by individually handling their issues related to gaming for their better growth.

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Q) What are the trends that should transform that brand integration campaigns for superior impact in the gaming community?

As we are talking about the gaming industry gaming-related brand campaigns yield a successful result. Due to the presence of the specific target audience it better and faster for the brands to disseminate information. For example- A gaming phone brand will yield better results for they advertise their product to the game-centric target audience rather than going for mass advertisements. The gaming industry is tech-focused therefore it can be a good chance for tech brands like mobile phones, laptops, peripherals, etc. can get a good target audience.

Q) Brand collaborations and sponsorships are touching heights for content creators and gaming influencers. What is your opinion on this?

Again, if we talk about the traditional marketing techniques like newspapers, magazines, etc.it focused on the audience as a whole. But influencer marketing has become a trend nowadays reason being that the influencer has a set amount of target audience. Therefore, if we have a gaming content creator promoting a gaming phone his audience will mostly be gamers and go for the purchase of the phone. Influencer not only helps in advertising but also provides a brand surety to their audience. Brands go for these influencers to help them establish brand guarantees to their target audience which indeed leads to increased sales of their product.

Q) How is 2021 specifically for gamers and creators so far? What are your expectations around this from the brand’s perspective?

The starting of 2021 wasn’t that great for a start because of the financial year ending, but yes in current months we have experienced an increase in brand collaborations this year as compared to last year. Trinity Gaming has a lot of brand campaigns coming up shortly. After the release of Battlegrounds mobile India, the viewership of the content creators will increase rapidly and fulfill the losses included during the pandemic.

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Q) Which brand is associated with Trinity Gaming for influencer marketing? What types of campaigns?

Trinity has collaborated with a lot of brands some of which are India Today Group, Network 18, ASUS, and Red Bull etc.

Talking about the campaigns, we did a phone launch for Oneplus, ASUS Rog5. We also collaborated with applications like MPL for promotions, India today league initiated by the India Today group. We built a custom-made PC for our creator “Dynamo” by collaborating with different brands and many more as well.

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