Ms. Snigdha Suman, Head – Marketing, Avon India

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Being a beauty company, Avon has excavated its name among thousands of households. But Avon is so much more than a beauty company, says the brand itself. They have created some unique campaigns showcasing equal positions for all.

Ms. Snigdha Suman, Head – Marketing, Avon India with a conversation with Media Infoline spoke all about their new campaigns. Let’s dig in!

Q) How is 2021 treating Avon so far? What are your expectations for the year?

The year started well with consumers coming back to makeup with places opening back. Avon has been getting back to the normal course of business pre covid times and is also moving faster on product innovations for 2021. With the cases going up again – it might have some impact on Makeup and non-essential categories, so we will continue to keep our focus on consumer trends on product and communication and work on those.

Q) Please take us through your journey being a marketing head in the company.

I have been associated with Avon for 10 years now and have great pride to be part of this legendary brand for all these years. I have part of the marketing team throughout, so the movement to the profile was a bit smooth I would say. Being the marketing head at a time when the industry is going through a massive change (with pandemic changing beauty and general shopping behavior) is quite exciting. I am learning every day by trying something new with the team. The competition in this space is tough, so watching out for the right trends and consumer behavior keeps me engaged.

Snigdha Suman, Head of Marketing Avon India

Q) How are you reaching new customers in Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities?

We have Avon ladies dependent on this business for their earning through AVON – with the digitalization of the market in a massive way – we have used digital tools, social media, and Avon app to be able to successfully communicate and train them about products and social selling techniques through digital media. These ladies are the Avon ambassadors to reach to New customer segments

Q) How are you planning to make your presence in the market especially, in the retail segment?

We will accelerate our transformation with a focus on commercial model optimization, a relationship selling framework, brand, and innovation relevance, and a digitally enabled, omnichannel presence.

Q) What are the special campaigns you are planning or have already in the loop?

“1 million stories” and “#watchmenow” is the current campaign which is our Global campaign towards establishing the brand’s core purpose. This is targeting to get people from across the globe to share their stories, no matter how big or small – every story matters!!

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

Keep building products that are innovative and bring them to the masses at an affordable price, increase our reach to new consumers through OMNI channel and targeted media, provide a meaningful income to people who join Avon for an earning opportunity.

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