“We are expecting to reach 10M users by the end of FY 2021-22”: Sunil Yadav, CEO, PlayerzPot

Sunil Yadav - CEO, PlayerzPot

One of the leading fantasy gaming platforms, PlayerzPot came into existence in 2015. The platform is known to be a reliable, secure, and fast-growing fantasy sports arena that blends the excitement and thrill of real-world sports with fantasy gaming. MI in conversation with Mr. Sunil Yadav, CEO of PlayerzPot, talks about the effect of the pandemic on the business and what’s latest in this industry.

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Q) How is fantasy gaming paving its way into the gaming gallery?

Sunil Yadav: While the pandemic-induced lockdown imposed many restrictions on on-ground sports – it also compelled people to stay indoors and look for entertainment activities on the internet, helping the virtual gaming industry grow.

Fantasy gaming is dependent on actualities, seasonality, and availability of real-time sports matches, which makes it a thrilling experience. It allows sports enthusiasts to consume their favourite sport differently and participate actively. The rapid internet penetration & technology adoption is one of the major contributors to the segments’ growth.

Statically, from two million Indians playing fantasy sports in 2016 to over 100 million users in 2020, the gaming category has reported a 25x growth. Fantasy sports continue to emerge as one of the high-growth segments in the country. The segment also recorded $340 million in revenue in 2020, a 2.5x growth since 2019.

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In addition, mobile gaming is expected to triple to a $5 billion market opportunity by 2025 with an over 300 million user base. 33% of all funding for gaming in India came in Q1 2021 – an indication of investor interest of high expected growth within the industry backed by various innovative propositions from gaming platforms.

Q) What is new in this sector in India?

The overall outlook has changed for the industry. It is moving towards becoming a much more inclusive and diverse industry. Women actively participate in the industry, either as players or decision-makers, making it a level-playing field for everyone.
Industry leaders are largely exploring gaming content trends like short video, live streaming, new genres of gaming, GENZ-focused games, etc. A lot of content will be curated keeping GENZ habits & traits in mind.

Q) How has been the business since the pandemic hit the nation, in terms of growth and revenue?

Sunil Yadav: There is no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted businesses globally, but it has provided

tremendous growth opportunities.  After the lockdown announcement, people started actively socializing on digital platforms. The online gaming segment managed to fill the gap during the lockdown, which was the major reason behind the tremendous growth of the fantasy gaming category.

According to a recent Sequoia-BCG report, with rapid internet penetration and availability of cheap data, the mobile gaming segment is expected to triple in size to a $5B+ market by 2025. Talking about PlayerzPot specifically, we have seen growth on multiple fronts. The traffic on our platform has grown from 2M to a 7M-strong user base in one year. Furthermore, we have recorded a 7X revenue growth in the past year and doubled our employee count during the pandemic.

Despite the hurdles, it has been a good year for the sector. Real Money Games are emerging as a money-spinner for the industry.

Q) What is new on the platform from the user’s perspective? How beneficial it is for them?

Sunil Yadav: We are planning to expand the platform’s audience reach by introducing more casual games by the financial year-end. Our aim is to serve users and bring a one-stop platform for all gaming enthusiasts.

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Q) What are your future plans and programs?

Sunil Yadav: As we highlighted in the above question Playerzpot aims to be a one-stop platform for all the games. At present, we offer 10 gaming options on the platform. Apart from casual games, we are also planning to launch poker on our platform. We are expecting to reach 10M users by the end of FY 2021-22.

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