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Mr. Tenzing Niyogi, CEO, Ultimate Kho Kho

MediaInfoline February 11, 2021

Brief Profile:

Ultimate KhoKho, a brainchild of Mr Amit Burman, Chairman Dabur group along with the Kho Kho Federation of India is organising a “High-Performance Assessment and Scientific Analysis” Evaluation and Training Camp for the very first time from January 19- February 16, 2021, for the Kho Kho players.

MI took a chance to get in touch with Mr Tenzing Niyogi, CEO, Ultimate KhoKho, and talk about the game and a lot more. Read on.

Q) Do you think a few homegrown sports, like KhoKho, Hockey, Kabaddi, etc. are missing their actual strength due to lack of finances and government support in our country?

The government has been committed and encouraged all disciplines to grow under the banner of Khelo India. The actual strength of any sport lies in the grassroots, which has been one of the key take-aways from government initiatives. KhoKho Federation of India (KKFI) has been an integral part of the Ultimate KhoKho journey and we are working hand in hand to develop this indigenous sport into a successful professional league that inspires younger athletes to pursue the sport as a career option, and making India a multi-sport nation.

Q) There’s an ongoing Training Camp that has been organized. Tell us more about it.

Ultimate KhoKho (UKK) in association with KhoKho Federation of India (KKFI) rolled out the first-ever High-Performance Assessment Analysis and Evaluation Programme- “Rise in Sports Excellence”, for Indian KhoKho players.

This 30-day training and evaluation camp has been set up for 138 players, including 18 women, selected from across the country who will undergo a high-tech sports science-based analysis in order to upscale their performances and skills. The findings range from sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, injury management, biomechanics, biokinetics, sports performance analysis, and nutritional guidance and posture corrections. This High-performance training will ensure a defined standard of players is created who can not only showcase world-class play in the league as well as for India.

Q) How are you ensuring the competitive performance of the camp?

With the influx of sports science changing the dynamics of training in team sports, this camp will help develop the athletes to transform and become champions of the game. During the camp, we are also planning to test a new sports technology for tag sports in order to bring ‘edge of the seat’ action for audiences.

The culmination of the camp will see players participate in a five-day tournament consisting of eight teams divided into two pools where players’ speed and gameplay will be tested along with agility, strength conditioning, balance and diving and landing with correct postures. UKK and KKFI have roped in country’s top sports science institutes -ManavRachna Sports Science Centre and SGT University to conduct the test, study and analysis.

Tenzing Niyogi, CEO, Ultimate Kho Kho

Q) How has COVID hurdled the way of this training camp? What are the precautions you are adapting?

Keeping the challenges and the safety precautions in mind, the player pool of 138 players have been divided into facilities so that there is enough space for players to train and stay at the camp. While the players have undergone the necessary tests and are in sanitized environments as they are training, but all necessary SOPs’ of social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing as and when needed are being done.

Q) What are your views on Sports strategy, Broadcasting, Sponsoring, Development, of Sports IP and Events?

Intellectual property (IP) transforms ideas into revenue generation endeavours. Sports and innovation go hand in hand. While an inventor connects all the dots starting from patenting the idea of executing the concept and building it into a product which eventually becomes an economically viable Brand. India’s oldest and highly popular indigenous sport KhoKho too saw a transformation with the announcement of its Sports IP-the Ultimate KhoKho, to herald a new era for the game that excites players and fans alike.

Considered one of the strongest tag-team sport, it is a sport that has the potential to become a spectacle on television and as brand visionaries, the focus while putting this IP in motion has been to modify the format and structure of the game so that the spectators and sports lovers can see a thrilling, fast-paced format that will give it a new avatar and will guarantee adrenaline rush.

As much as it is important for the Sports IP to hit the right chord and resonate with various stakeholders like teams, sponsors and broadcaster on board, advertisers on the other hand also search for new opportunities to communicate with consumers. Brands are seeing big markets in small towns and the youth today lives a fast-paced life wanting to maximize every moment of content viewing. Ultimate KhoKho has been redesigned to become an exhilarating on-air property, where every minute will be an event, taking people into a nostalgic trip played in its modern avatar.

Q) KhoKho, in particular, is a sport wherein the success or failure depends on the whole team (it’s a team-building exercise). The key to success in the corporate world or personal life is team building. What are your thoughts on the same?

There’s no “I” in the team. It is an age-old motto that’s both grammatically correct and relevant in team situations in sport and elsewhere. We believe KhoKho with its vast level of interest within the local culture make a case in point for audiences watching Ultimate KhoKho to pick and choose heroes. We have seen in the past that Team sports have enjoyed much fanfare amongst viewers. Multiple factors work towards developing a team sport connect i.e. strong club sport culture, history of the sport in large geographies, local connect with schools and easy accessibility to play a particular discipline. The fact that when a coach sends a group of players out onto the field of play, he is sending out a team, not a group of individuals connects with Indian’s who have had a liking towards team sports


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