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Guest Talk

Mr. Vidit Aatrey, Founder & CEO, Meesho

MediaInfoline March 31, 2021

Brief Profile:

Empowering numerous individuals to believe in themselves and start a new business without capital, Meesho has made its pug marks rather very strong. Becoming an online business entrepreneur is now easy and just a phone away. Founded in December 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, Meesho is one of the leading social commerce platforms. The brand helps individuals sell products on various social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Meesho boasts of having enabled 2,600,000+ entrepreneurs across the nation.

We took a deep conversation with Mr. Vidit Aatrey, Founder & CEO, Meesho about the work modules and much more. Take a look.

Q) How did it start? What stroked the idea of creating a company that made a buzz in society especially among housewives, and students?

While exploring other options, I and Sanjeev came across the idea to use the internet to create a platform to help micro and small businesses across India to move online and leverage the power of digital technologies. Social commerce always existed in India in the model of selling to friends online, Amway, etc. but it was not very well organized on digital and therefore there existed challenges such as limited access to supply, lack of logistics/ payment options, customer-friendly policies, etc. were also on the rise. We, at Meesho, decided to touch on these pain points and provide an integrated solution to all these problems. Meesho lets you be an entrepreneur without any investment from the comfort of your home. Students and housewives account for the maximum number of entrepreneurs on our platform.

Q) Please take us through the work module. How does Meesho work?

The work module is quite simple. We, at Meesho, have suppliers who have tie-ups with us, their products are listed on the Meesho website/app. Our entrepreneurs share these listed products with their contacts through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms and earn profit for every sale. Meesho has a vast variety of products to make sure our entrepreneurs never run out of options to fulfill requirements for everyone in their network.

The idea of social commerce is to integrate commerce with social media and leverage the digital ecosystem to enhance growth.

Vidit Aatrey, Founder & CEO, Meesho

Q) The social platforms are the new marketplace for brands. How do you strive to make your presence?

Even before the Reliance Jio data revolution, Indians were hooked on WhatsApp. And after 4G data became ubiquitous, an online business also saw a surge. We have always seen that it is very difficult for people to trust online, whether in brands or systems or anything else. However, the value our entrepreneurs add is trust and curation in this digital commerce process. Entrepreneurs build trust by understanding their customers and handpicking the right assortment based on customer needs.

Today, Meesho has enabled more than ~9Mentrepreneurs across India to sell on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram by providing them products, logistics, and payment tools. Seventy percent of these entrepreneurs are homemakers, career women on breaks, and students. We aim to make our community much larger in the coming years.

Q) Do you think these platforms can survive longer as the new way of commerce in India, where retails are still heavily dependent on word of mouth?

I believe pandemic has changed everything for the retail and social commerce market. People are much familiar with technology today than they were in the past and that is the reason that these social commerce platforms are flourishing because technology sits at the crux of these platforms. Social commerce is the future of selling because of the many advantages that it offers to the customers from trust to ample selection, to seamless payment options, to instant feedback, and many more. The entire buying journey through social media has become coherent and thus more appealing than the traditional one.

Q) What are your future plans and programs?

2021 has come with a new set of possibilities, opportunities, and challenges to tackle. We, at Meesho, are committed to our goal of letting anyone start a digital business with zero capital. The major focus area would be to enable increased adoption of Meesho’s platform across multiple categories which would be possible only when we are able to structurally reduce our prices for our customers. We also plan to leverage the digital ecosystem and unravel more benefits that it can offer for the betterment of our entrepreneurs and Meeho’s growth. We aim at surpassing all our achievements and recognitions from previous years and reach newer milestones. We are also looking at transforming the Meesho app for a better experience for our entrepreneurs. With newly built-in features, we hope to enhance the look and feel of the app. ‘Meeshoites’ are looking at the year with great hope, plans, and execution methods.


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