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Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016: Nitin Karkara, GM and Digital Head for Samsung HHP (Mobile) at Cheil Worldwide, India

MediaInfoline May 7, 2016

Is 2016 ‘The Year of Mobile’?

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update signified a change in 2015. According to the update, moving to a mobile first strategy is the best thing you can do to your business’ online presence in year 2016. This adds on to the ‘adoption of mobile has skyrocketed’.

Search advertising is going mobile, that is, 63% of clicks on PPC ads* were made on mobile devices

If more than half of clicks happen on mobile.

  • Mobile friendly form-fills are a must
  • Mobile landing pages will boost conversations

People connect through mobile search, that is, 53% of organic clicks to website* were made on mobile devices.

Well, Rank can differ on Mobile vs. Desktop. To achieve this-

  • Increase your search authority by having a mobile-friendly site
  • Create simple connections with feature line click-to-call

Mobile is social too, that is, 45% of clicks on social** came from mobile devices

People check social networks on the go as well as on desktop. To become social-

  • Optimize landing pages for mobile use
  • Tailor ad copy to appeal to both mobile and desktop

Device hopping triggers full conversions, that is, 57% of social ads** reach is on mobile devices and 30% of social ads** impressions are on mobile devices.

What does this mean?

People definitely see and interact with ads and content on mobile devices, but in often times continue that interaction on desktop. Mobile-only campaigns aren’t a great strategy because of this device hopping behavior.

Message-aligned landing ages convert, that is, 20%-60% Dedicated campaign landing pages converted. More visitors than ads that landed on a website homepage.

  • Pare down your business home page so it isn’t too busy
  • Dedicated landing pages will allow users to go directly to what they need
  • Consistent messaging across devices is a key.

Responsive is good. But adaptive is better, that is, 40% Adaptive landing pages saw a 40% increase in their conversion rates than pages that were only responsive.

Strong conversion pages can be viewed on any screen and any device.

Responsive: The site continually adjusts to whatever size the browser is at that moment.

Adaptive: The site not only adjusts to specific browser widths, but it also changes format and layout (ex. Recognizing it’s on a mobile screen and adding click–to-call features)

What are the Trends in Mobile Marketing in 2016?

Smartphones have really defined the term “mobile” in its truest sense. The devices have made it much more convenient and easy to look for products on the internet. In response to the growing significance of mobile in e-commerce, here are the top 7 mobile marketing trends to watch out:

Trend 1: Rise of the Video Ads

Video ads are becoming more popular with devices getting bigger and better. Video ads are more engaging by telling a compelling story about the brand’s uniqueness. By 2019, the gap between desktop and mobile spending will widen by more than 40%. Desktop spending will drop from 51% to 30.3% while mobile rises from 49% to 69.7%

Trend 2: APP Install Ads

Several brands are investing on display advertisement on popular mobile apps. The trend is just not confined to promoting the brand but gives the opportunity to target specific user bases. This has also been a popular way to promote and market new apps. Mobile video traffic will make up 69% of the world’s internet traffic by 2018.

Trend 3: ROI Tracking

Data and information continues to play a defining role in 2016. ROI Tracking has been helping brands to come up with more strategic campaigns for their product lines. 70% of mobile searches lead to action on a website within one hour of when the search is conducted.

Trend 4: Interactive Mobile Advertisements

Interactive advertisements have the potential to take user engagement and acquisition to a much higher level. Modern interactive ads allow engaging the consumer at a more personal level wherein they have a feeling of being in control. Mobile display investments, which include video, banners, mobile install ads, and social network ads will make up 51.1% of the total mobile ad market.

Trend 5: In App Promotions

In-app promotions have become a more mature way of selling campaigns. In app promotion is among the few ways in which ads are served to the appropriate audience with the help of programs.

Mobile now accounts for 44.8% of ad impressions, 50% of clicks, 46% of spends and 43% of conversions.

Trend 6: Rise of Native Ads

Another important trend in the mobile marketing world is the rise of native advertising. Ads here take the form of videos, Infographics and blogs and are aimed to inform the audience rather than push a product.

55% of marketers have increased their native ad budgets in 2015

Trend 7: Use of Behavioral Data

Mobile marketers have become more data dependent today. They have invested more resources in understanding the behavioral patterns of the audience than ever before. The aim is to create campaigns that match with the audience’s understanding and expectations.

Mobile marketing will soon surpass other forms of marketing as customers are shifting to mobile devices at a fast pace.


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