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Guest Talk

Mr. Anand Kumar, Author, A Twisted Tale

MediaInfoline November 30, 2017

Brief Profile:

Mr. Anand Kumar, an alumni of Manipal University, has over a decade of experience in marketing and has worked with various pharmaceutical companies. Apart from being a marketing professional, he is also working as a therapy manager with Innovacre Lifesciences. His debut novel, “A Twisted Tale” – An extraordinary entertaining novel that clearly documents author Anand Kumar as an original, skilled and innately talented story teller.

Q)Tell us something about this book.

Well, it seems to be a straightforward question; but it’s not especially when you have spent three years writing this book, which has been your dream. It’s difficult to tell ‘something’ about this book. I want to tell everything.But rather to save space, I would like to include three instances from the book and they will speak for themselves.

A true friend always does two things in extremes, one is silently caring, and other is openly hurting, just to make you perfect.” 

You know these human relations are as intoxicating as your addictions. First, you enjoy them, then they become your habit, and in the end, they become a punishment. When you are intoxicated, there is no logic, no reasoning, and no fear. Similarly, when you are at the peak of any relationship there is neither logic nor reasoning as well as and no fear of-course.” 

“That’s life; people meet, spend time with each other, and develop re­lationships and then part way just to form a yet another relationship.”

Q) Please share your journey of writing “A Twisted Tale”.

Writing “A Twisted Tale” was like preaching to the almighty with full faith and today when I’ve been asked this question it seems I am repeating that prayer with full conviction.

Q) What inspires you most while writing?

I have to look back in time to know what inspired me to write. In fact, what could inspire anyone to write something like a 200-page story? There has to be a very strong urge to keep you engaged long enough. In my case, it was three years. That strong urge can be because of nostalgia, unfulfilled desires, writer’s ego, to make a point, or to “settle scores” etc. If I look at myself, I find that my natural tendency to get plunged into ‘moment recollection’ involving analyzing events from the viewpoint of participants made me write this novel. I would name it “thought tumbling,” yes that is something which inspires me most.

Q) Being a marketing professional or be an author, what do you rejoice?

Of course being an author. The reason is simple. Everyone expected me to be a successful marketing professional since my college days, as I was distinction holder and a topper of my batch. But nobody ever expected that Anand Kumar could write a novel. It’s a very satisfying feeling of fulfilling your long burning desire, and I rejoice being an author and being known as an author.

Q) Are there any plans for a second book?

Yes, I am writing another book, though for now, I will prefer not to share anything about it.

Q) Finally, would you like to suggest some writing tips for the aspiring authors?

In my view, the mantra which works for any writing is “to get writing.” To aspiring authors, I wish to convey that it is difficult to get dedicated writing time in any walk of life. There will always be thousands of good reasons to drag down writing in the priority list. It is very common, and I won’t lie, I too have felt it happening to me, but I was fortunate enough to have friends who didn’t let it happen to me. Though, the book “A twisted tale” is a fun-filled college life novel, one of the messages you can take home from it is that “learn to ignore distractions.” In summary, make a dedicated time-slot for the writing once every day or week but do not keep it less than 2 hours, as it simply doesn’t work.


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