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Guest Talk

Mr. Raakesh Paswan, Producer, Service Wali Bahu

MediaInfoline February 26, 2015


Raakesh Paswan of Village Boy Productions has earlier produced ‘Afsar Bitiya’ and currently doing ‘Service Wali Bahu’ which is again a question on the mindset that looks to exploit a career women for her ability to earn.

Q) Tell us something about the show ‘Service Wali Bahu’?

The show ‘Service Wali Bahu’ is basically on a subject of dowry. Our society is developing a lot, we have gone into the Mars, foreign investments along with new infrastructure are coming to the city. Despite this, dowry still marks its presence in some of the middle class families or in small towns. Its not like only illiterate people are demanding dowry, but the literate people are also involved in this. Therefore we cannot deny the fact that dowry is not existing in the society today.

The way our lifestyle or fooding habits has changed, dowry has also altered its way. I think previously when girls used to get married at very young age, parents offered them some kind of help to protect the house of their daughters. Today the offer of money with happiness has turned into demand. And we have seen many ugly faces of dowry also. And now this is a new face, when people want a service wali bahu. And they ask for how much they earn per month, and which designation are they working, and many more. If you want a daughter-in-law, why are you asking for these things?

We are not saying that all the people posses the same thinking and therefore in our show we are saying ‘Service Wali Bahu – Ghar Ki Shaan Ya Dahej Ka Doosra Naam’. We are leaving it to the audience what they think about their daughter-in-laws, assuming them as the pride of the family or actually granted for dowry.

Q) Any particular reason you chose ZEE?

No there is no particular reason for choosing Zee, rather it was obvious for me to do so. My previous serial ‘Afsar Bitiya’ was also associated with Zee, which was my first show as an independent producer. And also I have been associated with Zee as co-producer and writer for many of the shows.

Q) What Kind of difficulty you faced while making the show ‘Service Wali Bahu’?

See I faced the same difficulty which many other people face every day. But yes the time required for making of the show was really very short in our case and we had to do the shootings and all very quickly and launch the show. So here it was difficult for us.

Q) What are your pre-budget expectations for Media Industry?

Entertainment industry is now contributing to the revenue to the government a lot. Despite that there is no such infrastructure for the Entertainment or Media Industry. So it would be nice if the government does something into the budget to improve the infrastructure of this industry.

Q) What are your expectations from this show in the next couple of months?

The show is a very entertaining with a strong message. The characters are very interesting same as my earlier shows. The boy’s family is very interesting. So I appeal the audience please watch Service Wali Bahu and it will keep on entertaining you as well as compelling you to think about the message it got.

Q) What do you think these kinds of shows/programs have any impact over the audience?

Yes they have impact over the society and I can say it with my earlier experience of the show ‘Afser Bitiya’. I want to share an incident, once while making of Afser Bitya, I got a phone call from a journalist. He told me that in some remote place of UP there were labours in a brick factory. Among them a family whose all the members were labour. When they came to take their daily wage in the evening, the daughter of that labour family saw Afsar Bitiya on television and suddenly said I don’t want to work but I want to study like Krishna Didi (the lead character of the show Afsar Bitiya), and thankfully his parents said they will work harder but will ensure his daughter to study. So you can see the impact of the show. So for me it is a very big thing.

Q) Share your experience with the protagonist Kritika and Aakash?

Yes Kritika and my association is for the first time. But Kritika is associated with Zee from along time. Kritika is a very professional and hard working girl. And she plays her character very profound manner. So it was nice working with both of them.


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