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Guest Talk

Mr. Nagesh Banga, Deputy Country Manager, BIGO LIVE

MediaInfoline April 9, 2020

Brief Profile:

Nagesh Banga currently serves as the Deputy Country Manager at BIGO LIVE. He is responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan, driving growth and innovation, and ensuring that the company maintains leadership in the region. His focus includes developing key marketing and communication initiatives, identifying new revenue streams, assessing market potential across the country, building analytical models and performing regular market analysis for the company.

Prior to joining BIGO, he spent six years in advertising and has handled various roles mandated with the responsibility of client planning, managing and strategy.

Q) What kind of response you are getting from BIGO LIVE in current pandemic situation?

We have been getting quite positive reviews so far as we could see an increase in the number of content creators as well as new users on Bigo live which is a healthy sign. We witnessed that our hosts took on the responsibility of creating UGC videos on how to take corrective measures and stay safe. It was a very upright initiative from their side to educate their audiences. Apart from our hosts making informative videos, we were overwhelmed to see them doing charity/ distributing masks to those in need.

A lot of new kind of content is gaining popularity on the Bigo Live platform, we are making sure to bring the world inside Bigo Live, as people can’t step out of their houses. People are spending time watching new kinds of content like entertainment, e-education, fitness and cooking live streams, beside dance/singing to use their time productively. Bigo Live also caters to our users’ social needs as they can virtually socialize yet maintaining social distancing real time! It is quite favored by people in the current scenario as many of us are not able to go out and work, Bigo Live is giving people an excellent alternative to earn livelihood as they can continue to live stream videos and make money from it, in this pandemic situation.

Q) Have you noticed certain surge in the live streaming?

Not just in the current times but in general Bigo Live has witnessed a rapid growth for the last four years, since the time it was first launched. This year in April, Bigo Live has completed four years of transforming and enhancing people’s lives despite all adversities throughout the years. Currently, we have over 14000 content creators and over 300 agencies, with average contractual fees of USD 1000 per month.

And yes, during this period as well we have seen a good growth in numbers since people are using our app to connect/socialize, for entertainment, fitness, education and to earn money while sitting at home. Moreover, Bigo Live App is also helping our users to add value in their skill set and keeping them occupied and mentally stress free during this phase.

Q) Why do you think people turn to BIGO LIVE, instead of other platforms?

There are several factors that make Bigo Live far better to be engaged with than other platforms. They are:

  • Real time connectivity : Though, there is no dearth of social media platforms and users are spoilt for choice but what brings them on Bigo Live is ability to connect real time with the broadcasters they are following.
  • Interesting Features and content categories : To meet users entertainment needs, we continue to upgrade our features and offer them diverse content categories.

         We have included Features like :

    • ‘Multi Guest House’ allows 9 participants to connect at the same time which can also be held in a private as well as public manner. And this is completely free.
    • ‘Private chat room’ : Here users have an option to connect in a private set up with friends.
  • ‘PK’ : Penalty Kickout, is one amongst the most widely used feature of Bigo Live App, where two people get into a kind of fun battle and supporters help them to win the battle and the looser is entitled to do a virtual punishment.
  • Moreover, we have many classic games, which can also be live streamed while playing.
  • We strongly believe in diversifying our pool of content beyond dancing and singing and introducing PUGC (Professional User Generated content) which includes Tarot card reading, Fitness sessions, astrology, comedy acts, mimicry, cooking etc.
  • E-Education & soft skill training: Bigo Live’s industry first initiative, was to make sure we penetrate and reach out to tier2/3 cities and provide basic soft skill training for free. We aim to provide a holistic eco-system to our users by going beyond entertainment and make sure users from Tier2/3 also benefit from our e-learning classes real time. (Over 200 teachers were hired, covering topics like, basic English, excel, photoshop, PPT training etc which was beneficial for both students and the teachers, as now even teachers could earn money via virtual classes on Bigo Live)
  • Boosting socio – economic equality: Not only are we present PAN India, but also you will find that our user profile come from all across Income groups and socio economic backgrounds. . Be it common people, celebrities, TV stars , models and even house help ( maids) earning well through Bigo Live often making more than their daily wage. You can also find group of women from rural areas doing desi cooking and live streaming.
  • Vernacular content – While people are still being influenced by the West, we have surely seen an uptake in demand for regional content/ vernacular language, and a lot of users come to Bigo Live for the same. We have bhojpuri artists, punjabi singers, rappers and famous south Indian movie stars and Tollywood actresses as well as Bigo Live broadcasters.

All in all, Bigo Live acts as a one stop shop / compact Online ecosystem which serves user’s entertainment needs while simultaneously enabling them to earn fame & money and that’s our USP.

Q) Are you planning any new activity or campaign?

We keep conducting various activities both in-app/ social media and UGC campaigns. As Bigo Live turned four in April, we are currently running a media contest for our users on this occasion. Also, on 22nd March, on the day of Janta Curfew, we ran an online campaign #wearethankful, where over hundreds of Bigo broadcasters, having millions of followers stood in solidarity to pay their gratitude and support to the real life heroes fighting Corona virus. Moreover, we keep on conducting In-App activities on a global level for our Bigo users and gratify the winners with rewards.

Q) Would you like to say something about how to cope with this stressful time?

The COVID outbreak has proved to be a challenge for everyone and the only way to keep it contained is by taking appropriate measures like social distancing. We urge every one to stay safe and in the mean time involve yourself in productive activities that will keep you occupied mentally and help you stay stress free. It is also important to be informed and only trust the right sources of information and misinformation can lead to bigger disasters. You can join Bigo Live to get entertained and to utilize this time to learn fitness/dance/singing and explore your creative side too with Bigo Live.


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