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Guest Talk

Veer Rajwant Singh, Actor

MediaInfoline April 5, 2019

“Countries like Singapore has many things that can be learnt.”

Q) Tell us something about ‘Trails to Passion’.

Tripoto along with Singapore Tourism board came with the idea of redefining Singapore touching on the passion points of travellers. ‘Trails to passion is a show that touches upon – adventure, fun, food, art, shopping and many more such passion points. It rightly redefines Singapore.

Q) How many episodes have been shot till now?

All the 7 episodes have been shot and will be releasing on Tripoto’s social media handles everyday starting today 1st April. It was lot of fun shooting the episodes as we were 7 people for 7 days shooting  7 episodes.

Q) When will the episodes drop- in for audience?

The fist episode will air today, 1st of April on Tripoto’s social media handles. The next 7 days till 7th of April will have all the 7 episodes aired of the web series.

Q) What should the viewers expect from this show?

This is very different travel web series. Don’t expect it to be a regular travel show. It is not about regular travel shows giving you information about a place, In this we will be  giving you experiences on your desktops or laptop or mobile, aspiring you to travel to Singapore and trying all the things that we have done there.

Q) Going by the tagline, Singapore redefined, what new stories are you showing in which has not been told yet?

It is Singapore Redefined because people do have a lot of pre-conceived notions about the country and we have broken all of those in our show.  As every country has different sides to it, we have shown a side that many wouldn’t know about. We have shown Singapore in a way that will redefine it to any traveller.

Q) Do you have any message for the youth out there?

Countries like Singapore has many things that can be learnt. Like I did not see anyone in Singapore not having time of their life and still being responsible enough to not litter around or create any nuisance. That’s the hard part. But that’s what makes Singapore spic and span. Because the people are responsible. I would like the youth to be responsible and have civic sense for not only their country but the countries that they are travelling to.


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