“We aim to make secure and stress-free shifting in minimum budget a reality for everyone,” Debendra Prasad, CEO, AssureShift

Debendra Prasad, CEO, AssureShift

Relocation has become a trend these days with people moving for a variety of reasons like better job opportunities, higher education, work purposes, or just in search of a better lifestyle. However, due to the lack of time and assistance to carry out complete relocation alone, more people nowadays prefer relocation service providers over DIY.

AssureShift was mainly established as a private verification firm to make it easier for people to differentiate genuine packers and movers from fraud ones. They were able to successfully make a list of packers and movers in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, as well as various other cities across the country.

Let’s hear the complete story of AssureShift from co-founder and CEO, Mr. Debendra Prasad.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hello! My name is Debendra Prasad. I’m into Web Design, Web Development, Business Planning, and Digital Marketing. My first job was in Asansol, West Bengal, from 2012 until mid-2014.

Right from the beginning, I wanted to create useful solutions that make a difference in people’s lives and help them overcome various challenges. So, I started Creatisoul in Bangalore, a Web Development, Design& Digital Marketing Company, in 2014 with Mr. Juby John. Our main goal was to deliver customized web solutions for start-ups. We evaluate business requirements, plan the right strategies for their business, and deliver the best solutions within their budget. We have served many clients in Education, NGOs, Insurance, Real Estate, Packers and Movers Industry, and Catering.

How did you devise the idea of AssureShift?

When working for the relocation industry, we got good exposure in the packing, moving, and logistics field. There were many loopholes and high levels of disorganization because of the absence of an authoritative governing body.

The only solution for this problem was to set up a verification body that can do a thorough background check of moving companies in India. Hence, we started buildingAssureShiftas a packers and movers directory in 2016andofficially launched our operations in early 2017.

How does AssureShift innovate?

AssureShift has a mandatory valid business registration for all moving companies; only after successful verification, movers will be allowed access to the AssureShift portal and their strong customer base.

We also have well-built software that can select the most relevant moving company based on each customer’s specific shifting and budget requirement. The software analyses details like where the client is relocating, origin and destination addresses, size of the accommodation, etc., and picks out the best-matched mover.

We also give customers the flexibility to choose the right fit for themselves by going through our list of moving companies in Noida, Kolkata, or any particular city. We also look out for their suggestions and complaints and structure our user interface and services to give the best user experience.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business and how are you coping?

In the early days, our business took a major hit and almost came to a halt for more than 2 months. But we were able to quickly get back on our feet and even gained speed. However, we faced a major issue allocating the customer requirements to relocation service providers as most of the moving company crew members had migrated to their respective hometowns because of the lockdown. This year, we were able to handle the COVID situation much better with proper planning and preparation.

What does the future look like for AssureShift?

The future is looking bright for AssureShift. We are focused on creating better and more valuable solutions for everyone as relocation requirements are only going to increase in the future. Our upcoming plan for the future is to make it possible for people living in smaller cities to enjoy secure and stress-free shifting on a minimum budget.

AssureShift is a reliable online packers and movers directory, which acts as a connecting bridge between moving companies and customers. They carry out verification of relocation service providers in a thorough manner with the full intention of eradicating fake and fraud-moving companies in the Indian market and assuring valuable solutions for everyone.

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