Condom Alliance brings a new age campaign “Kaun Dumb Hai”

Condom Alliance launches Kaun Dumb Hai campaign

A new age campaign “Kaun Dumb Hai” directed towards youth has been launched by Condom Alliance, group of India’s most prominent condom manufacturers and marketers. The campaign revolves around the myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of a condom and urges the youth to not be ‘dumb’ by believing them and instead identify themselves as smart and use a condom.

Around 78 percent of Indian men between ages 20 and 29 do not use any method of contraception, according to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – 4. The fear of being judged at the pharmacy when buying the condom or reduced pleasure if used a condom or negative impact on performance with the use of condoms, fumbling while using the condom during a sexual encounter are some of the misconceptions due to which they don’t use a condom. These reasons pull back anyone to use a condom, especially the youth indulging in their first sexual act or for the more sexually active youth who are most concerned about their image in front of the partner.

The slogan used in the campaign is “Kaun Dumb Hai” which translates into the term – who is dumb and it sounds like ‘Do you have a condom?”. It lists the myths that often deter couples from using a condom and describes typical times when a condom should be used. To encourage the youth to dispel negative notions about condoms and make the effort to use a condom for the sake of their partner as well as their own reproductive health, the lyrics of the song simultaneously associate the use of condoms with positive attributes such as being smart, trendy and responsible.

Commenting on the launch of this unique campaign Vivek Malhotra, Founding Member, Condom Alliance and CEO, Population Health Services India said, “The low contraceptive use among Indian men is a matter of grave concern and will lead to an increase in the number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the country. The idea of this campaign is to highlight the importance of using condoms to encourage the youth to accept condoms as an important method of contraception expanding their basket of choice”.

Representing one of the country’s leading condom manufacturers, Ajay Rawal, Founding Member, Condom Alliance and General Manager – Marketing, Raymond Consumer Care, said, “The overall usage of condoms has increased from 7.1% to 10.2% in the last four years in 17 out of 22 states alone for which NFHS-5 data is available. To capitalize on this increased acceptance, the Kaun Dumb Hai campaign is looking to connect with the youth and align with their inherent desire to appear trendy while staying safe and healthy. Carrying, asking for, insisting on or using condoms portrays one to be intelligent and responsible; and most importantly, the women who ask for or carry condoms are not promiscuous, but smart and savvy. The aim is to ensure long-term behavioural change among the youth in the country.”

The campaign will be shared with key influencers and will also be rolled out on ‘50 Shades of Ishq’ Facebook and Instagram handles to help reach the masses. This campaign will focus on reiterating the issue and will be used by condom marketers to help reach a larger audience. The three-month-long campaign will include a series of digital content engaging digital formats such as a dance challenge are being planned.

Watch the campaign here.

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