EarlySalary Health Partners With Leading Hospitals For Providing Instant Healthcare


EarlySalary’s Health arm has partnered with leading healthcare institutes like Poona Hospital, Nobel Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital and Sancheti Hospital in Pune. Through this partnership, the company bolsters its aim to create affordability in the healthcare space for the mid-income group.

According to NITI Aayog, India has nearly 30% of its population devoid of any health insurance with actual numbers being higher due to gaps in the existing scheme and overlap between the schemes. This partnership will play an important role to increase the uptake of health insurance and address some of the financial challenges faced by the consumers.

This solution is created for Poona Hospital, Nobel Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital and Sancheti Hospital patients so that they can avail of the clock access to services affordably, with a potential of helping more than 8,000 patients daily. Patients can get up to Rs. 5 lacs for any healthcare needs in a minute in no or low-cost EMIs. Patients can use this service to pay for all elective and non-elective treatments on EMI. This service can also be helpful to pay for outpatient and other expenses that are not covered by insurance. There is no need for physical paperwork for the patient, creating a seamless journey for the patient at a time when they need easy financing the most.

Patients can choose to repay the cost of the treatment over a convenient tenure that works for them, ranging from 90 to 730 days. What’s unique to the services provided by EarlySalary is that this financing service can be even availed of by patients who are new to credit.

The patient just needs to meet the simple eligible criteria like they must be a citizen of India, and their age limit should be above 21 years and below 55 years of age.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Parvaiz Hussain, Business Head at EarlySalary, said, “I am excited to be partnered with Poona Hospital, Nobel Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital and Sancheti Hospital. For EarlySalary, it is a mission that will revolutionize access to instant and quality healthcare services for millions of patients. Our alliance with the Hospitals fortifies our commitment to make quality healthcare services more affordable and accessible to patients across India through digital innovation.”

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