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India Khayal Rakhna by healthcare care startup MFine

MediaInfoline April 13, 2020

MFine, a telemedicine startup which provides access to AI- powered virtual medical consultations from top hospitals in the country, has launched a new video campaign focussing on medical help needed during the lockdown. The campaign, India Khayal Rakhna is a rally for people to come together as Indians and take care of one another, regardless of their differences. The campaign encourages people to forward a doctor to people in need.

Please find the link to the video here.

The current situation has been a reminder that all of our differences and conflicts do not matter right now. While social distancing might have isolated us, we are in this together, fighting with a common enemy. And the only way to get through this, is to forget everything else, come together and help each other. Especially when one of us is in need (of medical help). Apart from people who suspect COVID-19 symptoms, there are millions who need medical help/monitoring on a daily basis and are unable to visit a hospital. The India Khayal Rakhna campaign encourages people to therefore help each other out by forwarding a doctor.


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