LISSUN announces the second edition of its yearly campaign – ‘#LISSUNToYourMind’


LISSUN- a start-up offering end-to-end mental and emotional wellness, has announced the second edition of its yearly digital property – ‘#LISSUNToYourMind’. The start-up founded the campaign to spread awareness and resonate the message of  ‘Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality last year. Over the span of the year, it could sustain the wave and successfully touch the lives of 25000+ people in need for emotional and mental well-being. This year, on the occasion of Mental Health Day, the brand has come up with the second edition of the campaign to celebrate the success achieved so far and share the ambition of the coming year with everyone.

Under the campaign Lissun will conduct two-day virtual events consisting of panel discussions. On day one it will have esteemed guests from diverse fields to address the subject of – Mental Health Interventions within the Systems of Society & Health Care. While on day 2, it will elaborate on the topic of – Creating Access to quality mental health care: Struggle, Needs & Challenges in consultation with healthcare companies, doctors and even corporates. The brand believes that starting the conversations is the first step towards a healthier tomorrow. Therefore, the panel discussion is aimed at initiating the same for all out there. The same will be followed by sessions on art therapy, mindfulness, competition for college students, etc.

Last year, the campaign received a tremendous response, highlighting the significance of mental health and its significance beyond traditional psychiatry setups to us. Therefore, we decided to share with the people the success stories that we have been able to write over the last 365 days, which would encourage others too. And with a credible panel, we will share the knowledge and information that one needs to devise an informed approach towards dealing with the challenges,” said Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Co-founder, Lissun.

The seminar will be open across the social media platforms of LISSUN and easily accessible for the audience.

Following the campaign, we understood the barriers even better. It is not a one-way conversation but a dialogue that we establish through this campaign. This opens the stage for audiences and enables us to devise an approach that suits those in need. After all, we are trying to solve it for millions of people here, and the one-size-fits-all approach will never help. We could achieve our ambition the last time and have brought new subjects which we understood required to address this year. With all the optimism, we hope to make a difference this year too,” said Mr. Tarun Gupta, Co-founder of Lissun.

LISSUN through its unique model of integrating mental health into mainstream healthcare is being able to penetrate tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India where mental health has remained a taboo. Following its ultimate aim of bringing mental and emotional wellness under the mainstream, the brand has onboarded reputed healthcare practitioners from across the country and collaborated with various medical establishments so that it reaches a broader audience and impacts more lives.

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