Pristyn Care pledges solidarity; launches #MakeSpaceForSafety

Pristyn Care pledges solidarity; launches #MakeSpaceForSafety to encourage social distancing amid coronavirus pandemic

With the rising number of coronavirus cases in India, there has been an explosion of conversations related to Covid-19, largely centered around how to treat, contain and suppress it. The volume and the velocity through which these messages are shared can sometimes lead to uncertainty, stress, and panic. To address this, it becomes even more important that information shared should be verified and comes from a reliable source. In a mission to share best practices and knowledge related to the global pandemic, Pristyn Care – a healthcare company that specializes in elective surgeries through the latest technologies, has launched a digital campaign #MakeSpaceForSafety. The campaign highlights the importance of social distancing and to foster realization and motivate people to practice the same. The company is also running a special series of blogs addressing all subjects related to coronavirus which are extremely crucial and essential to ‘flatten the curve’.

Pledging solidarity, the campaign also salutes doctors and other medical professionals who are working tirelessly in an unprecedented environment to treat patients succumbing to this outbreak.

Pristyn Care founders, associated doctors, surgeons, and employees who normally write their name on LinkedIn in tightly connected Myriad Pro script have changed and added — space between each letter. The underlying message here is, “Staying apart is the best way to flatten the curve and break the chain.”

On the campaign launch, expressing gratitude to the medical fraternity and reiterating the imperative safety measures, Harsimarbir Singh, Co-founder, Pristyn Care said, “We owe a huge thanks to the heroes on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. As a consumer internet company in healthcare, we often find our associated doctors, surgeons and employees battling hard to keep up the promise to deliver. Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor and Dr. Garima Sawhney, co-founders of Pristyn Care who are surgeons themselves, are courageously treating emergency cases to ensure that no patient is deprived of quality healthcare even in such trying times. But the hard work of these professionals is wasted if the country’s citizens do not follow social distancing, which is, undoubtedly, the need of the hour. We applaud the government’s decision of a nationwide lockdown and urge people to stay at home.”

Pristyn Care has over 80 clinics and 250 partner hospitals across 17 cities (7 Tier-1 and 10 Tier-2 cities), with surgeons who have expertise across General Surgery (Laser and Laparoscopic specialists), Vascular surgeries, ENT, Gynaecology, and Urology. The procedures are performed using advanced laser and laparoscopic techniques and the company has successfully performed over 12,000 surgeries till date.

Note to the editor:

Commenting on the Government’s decision to postpone elective surgeries at all Government hospitals to create adequate capacity to treat severe coronavirus cases.

We must learn from the surge of coronavirus cases in other affected countries and keep our resources amply ready to deal with it. Social distancing, including advising patients to postpone their elective surgeries, is a must to flatten this exponential growth curve and save India from a situation that countries like Italy, South Korea, Iran, etc. have witnessed.

Still, among the patients suffering from diseases that require elective surgeries, there will be many with severe symptoms who would not be able to postpone their treatment for very long, creating a semi-emergency situation. These patients can be those who are in a lot of pain from gallbladder and kidney stones or patients suffering from piles, fissure, fistula whose hemoglobin has dropped to dangerously low levels due to continuous blood loss. At Pristyn Care, where we specialise in elective surgeries with over 100 senior surgeons on board and partnerships with over 250 hospitals pan-India, we welcome these patients and are happy to treat them using minimally invasive surgical techniques at cost rates so that they do not incur any additional financial burden of getting the treatment done outside Government hospitals. This is our small contribution in times of need by helping the Government take off the burden of elective surgeries and still ensuring that patients in semi-emergency situations are not left in pain.

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