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This World Blood Cancer Day, DKMS BMST launches #WeAreAllWeNeed


DKMS BMST Foundation India marks this year’s World Blood Cancer Day, observed on 28th May, by launching a digital campaign #WeAreAllWeNeed that calls for Indians to come forward and register as potential blood stem cell donors. DKMS BMST is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and other blood disorders.

The blood cancer patients who need a stem cell transplant can be saved with just a simple cheek swab and #WeAreAllWeNeed aims to spread this message. The campaign involves celebrities and influencers across the country.

Indians are underrepresented in the stem cell registry and Indian patients mainly require an Indian tissue match. This makes it difficult for patients to find a match. Along with celebrities and influencers, DKMS-BMST is hoping to change that from different fields who are coming forward to support the cause such as Shreya Jain, Harsha Bhogle, Pratheik Sehajpal, Farhan Qureshi, Rishab Rana, Meghashree, to name a few.

Talking about the campaign, Patrick Paul, CEO, DKMS BMST Foundation India said, “For patients who cannot find a matching donor the delay can be fatal. The campaign #WeAreAllWeNeed raises awareness on the importance of registering as donors and helps spread the word to win the battle against blood cancer. If every single one of us does our part, by registering just imagine the number of lives we can save.”

The official symbol for World Blood Cancer Day the red ampersand sign “&” symbolising solidarity with those affected by blood cancer, is being used by celebrities while they are posting their video appeal and photos.

Of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in India, blood cancer accounts for 8%. Many blood cancer patients and other blood disorders, to survive, need a blood stem cell transplant. Every year, for an unrelated matching donor, over 80,000 new searches are initiated worldwide. Unfortunately, the majority of patients are never able to receive a transplant due to the unavailability of a matching blood stem cell donor. Only 0.04% of the total population in India is registered as a potential blood stem cell donor.

Do good things and spread the word

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, or WhatsApp – tell the world you’re on standby to save a life. Be as creative as you like and use the ‘&’ symbol in just a piece of paper, or draw on your palm! To show your support to the cause you can share your photos using the hashtags #WBCD #WeAreAllWeNeed #MakeYourMark and #DKMSBMST, to be featured on their social media handles.

To become a potential blood stem cell donor all you need to do is register with DKMS-BMST as a blood stem cell donor through their online portal:



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