“We are the first ones to do a pilot campaign on audio which delivered conversions as an impact of making the ads conversational”: Dimpy Yadav, General Manager, Xaxis India

We are the first ones to do a pilot campaign on audio which delivered conversion- Dimpy Yadav, General Manager, Xaxis India

With its recent launch of a programmatic creative services solution, Xaxis Creative Studios (XCS), in India, Xaxis aims to help its clients capture the full power of programmatic. This is done by fully utilizing creative assets.

Xaxis, the Outcome Media Company is GroupM’s advanced programmatic arm and is also part of WPP, the world’s leading media Investment Company. In an interaction with MI, Dimpy Yadav, General Manager, Xaxis India talks about their audio solutions for the brands. Dimpy also clarifies the meaning of Copilot AI technology and its extension over business integration.

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Q) What is the role of Xaxis in the making of brand advertising?

Dimpy: Xaxis has been the market leader in launching & creating new solutions built on tech, data & measurement specially curated and customized for brands across the categories. Our expertise lies through digital media formats, including DOOH, audio, integrated video, display, in-game advertising, and conversational advertising provided through our omnichannel solutions which include omnichannel integration, eCommerce, and outcome media.

We ensure to stay on top of tech innovations on multiple platforms to be able to provide our clients and advertisers with a unified, integrated solution to reach their target audience.

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Q) What is Xaxis Creative studio? How does it help brands to get their desired outcomes?

Dimpy: Xaxis Creative Studios is our full-service, in-house creative and interactive assembly team, formed to help our clients capture the full power of programmatic by making sure their creative assets are fully utilized and firing on all cylinders. Our team of designers, producers, developers, and animators collaborates with creative agencies to elevate creative concepts and integrates them into advanced programmatic executions.

Along with our top talent, we leverage AI technology, audience insights, and partnerships with best-in-class creative technology partners to tailor campaigns to a hyper-granular level and deliver ads that are more welcome and effective. We’ve realized the importance of creative solutions and strategies in order to drive media placements. Therefore, with our data-driven, AI-programmatic execution, we are able to create fully customized creatives through cutting-edge interactive formats tailored for different platforms.

Q) How does audio streaming change the dynamics of digital advertising in India?

Dimpy: We advanced our audio solution with the application of AI enabling users to respond to an ad. We are also the first ones to do a pilot campaign on audio which delivered conversions as an impact of making the ads conversational.

We partnered with Pizza Hut and created a voice-activated conversational ad campaign which increased their customer engagement by 8.29% in two weeks. The audio content, created by XCS generated more than 2,000 responses from 60,000 impressions during a 10-day pilot. Even though conversational ads are still in the nascent stage in India, there is an opportunity for brands to explore creating targeted and personalized customer engagement strategies in order to drive impactful and measurable outcomes for the client.

Q) Tell us more about Programmatic Advertising? How is it making an impact on modern digital advertising?

Dimpy: Programmatic has defined the pace of transformation to digital-first ways of doing business accelerated, and the year became full of exciting advancements in the programmatic media space.

  • Ecommerce keeps evolving as a massive data-driven ecosystem since programmatic remains at the forefront.
  • Video is more integrated than ever across formats, channels, and platforms.
  • The reach of OOH has become more impactful with programmatic content that makes the channel interactive, location-based, and outcome driven.

Q) Tell us about Copilot. How does it help in business integration?

Dimpy: Copilot is a Xaxis-built AI technology that optimizes digital media investments towards real business outcomes. Copilot makes thousands of data-driven decisions on top of the DSP to optimize your media spend based on specific parameters set by experienced AI engineers. It is a tool that enhances the bottom line impact of digital media campaigns. To create a unique and action-based model for every campaign, Copilot reads all available first-party data and makes intelligent decisions based on campaign objectives.

Copilot’s focus is centralized on uplifts in qualitative and quantitative metrics including exposure time, completion rate, conversion rate, CPV (cost per view), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and CTR (click-through rates), resulting in improved efficiencies for brands.

The flexibility and efficiency of Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, combined with the team’s expertise, allows brands to tailor their programmatic campaigns with real-time automation to drive enhanced results greater than those achieved by human intelligence alone. Copilot also empowers and challenges brands to think beyond programmatic while identifying and pursuing a wider array of creative strategies.

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We have only scratched the surface on data visualization, but Xaxis’ Copilot has enabled our clients not just to achieve but outdo their business goals, all while allowing them to make smarter decisions in the future. Along with ever-evolving AI capabilities, we want to empower Copilot as the engine behind better advertising for everyone while ensuring we meet the interest of both brands and consumers.

Q) Future plans and programs?

Dimpy: We are focusing heavily on further advancing the eCommerce space with our newly launched solution, Xaxis E-commerce, which is a modern eCommerce solution that helps advertisers sort through the complexity, and understand changing customer behaviors and unite their data and strategies across platforms. Through this solution, Xaxis will help brands navigate the evolving eCommerce landscape to:

  • Connect siloed data points
  • Analyze and understand consumers’ evolving habits
  • Identify, reach, and attract potential customers
  • Create and hone personalized messaging that spurs more sales
  • Deploy unique and extensive data and AI to optimize investments
  • Measure and attribute media to improve e-commerce strategy
  • Achieve custom outcomes that link to real business value

This will be initiated by connecting data from different touchpoints which will provide advertisers with a holistic view of understanding their customer’s behaviors better. By reaching out to the right target audience across multiple online channels, we will then be able to drive consumers towards purchase across various points of sale. Advertisers who operate their eCommerce media strategy through one all-inclusive partner will be able to monitor insights frequently and improve subsequent campaigns. Inevitably, leveraging our data and adhering to global partnerships will eventually lead to successful client campaigns and outcomes.

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