“Rehearsing and prepping for varied roles has helped me build an ‘always ready’ mindset”: Salil Acharya – RJ at Radio City

"Rehearsing and prepping for varied roles has helped me build an ‘always ready’ mindset": Salil Acharya - RJ at Radio City

Donning multiple hats, from RJ to VJ then to Television host and an actor, it’s not an exaggeration to call Salil Acharya a Jack of all Trades. Salil has been working with Radio City 91.1 since 2009 as a Radio jockey. His show ‘Kadak Currency’ on the channel covers all about finance and investments.

In an exclusive interaction with MI, Salil opens up about his most passionate job and his keen interest in acting. Talking about future plans in acting, he said “In terms of future planning, I would love to extend my roles in films and as well as radio shows to continue entertaining the audiences.”

Let’s read:

Q) VJ, RJ, Acting, TV host, you’re juggling many roles. Which one is Salil’s Number one job?

Salil: I believe that being myself helps me to excel in the different roles that I play right from being an RJ to a VJ, an actor, or a host. These are an extension of my expression and it gives me a kick to be able to entertain and engage with my audiences and fans through varied formats. Over the years of donning multiple hats, I enjoy the transitory phases where I get the opportunity to learn new things and sharpen my existing skills as RJ, VJ, TV host, and actor.

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Q) How do you prepare yourself for different posts, as you play?

Salil: I have a very curious personality and this drives me to explore and experiment with different roles and positions. After spending over 20 years in the TV and radio industry with Radio City, I reckon that the audience’s taste and preferences to consume content are consistently undergoing a change. As a content creator, it is thus essential to understand the crux of audience requirements and design relevant concepts that are relatable. Whether it is being an RJ or a host, it’s important to come up with impromptu responses and think on your feet. Over the years, rehearsing and prepping for varied roles has helped me build an ‘always ready’ mindset and take control of the overall process.

Q) VJ and RJ is somewhat similar kind of profile. Do you think it is correct?

Salil: I have been a VJ for over 20 years and I really enjoy the experience. Being a VJ with B4U gave me abundant expertise and knowledge in how to portray one’s persona and specific character that is created as per the script. As an RJ, things are a bit different, because it is more real-time and there is a listener who is actively tuning in to hear you share your thoughts and opinions. Both roles give me a vivid opportunity to entertain and engage with the audience through my witty sense of humour. By playing a dual role, I can say that they both require a specific amount of confidence and requisite knowledge about the subject or domain expertise.

Q) What made you choose to act in films like Awarapan?

Salil: As a kid, I was always intrigued by the stardom of actors and cherished a dream to become an actor someday. Awarapan happened because of my experience and the merit of the character that captured my interest. It was a natural transition from being a VJ to actually portraying a character on the big screen. I enjoyed my time with the entire cast, especially working with Mahesh Bhattji, Mohit Suri, and others. The vibe and atmosphere on the set were amazing and I continue to treasure those memories.

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Q) Would you like to comment on racism based on colours happening globally? Do you think just like casteism, racism will also gulp people in India?

Salil: As RJs, it is vital to be socially aware of all the important happening locally and even on a global scale. Most of the large societal issues influence our perspective because we as the audience are consuming a large amount of western and global video content across social media platforms. Racism is a very sensitive theme, just like the sensitivity of casteism. In India, race and caste concepts get deeply intertwined and may not most likely be treated as separate themes as done in the west.

Q) Tell us more about your show ‘Kadak Currency’.

Salil: Kadak Currency is India’s first financial podcast on the radio that airs from 7.00 am to 11.00 am on Radio City. It was conceptualized as an interaction-based platform that highlights key finance-related insights for wise money habits and decisions. It was primarily launched to guide listeners with valuable insights on local and global market policies and stock market tips for short-term and long-term investments. Right from sharing stock updates and educating the audiences on which stocks to buy, ‘Kadak Currency’ is its kind concept on FM radio channels. During my Kadak show, I also share relevant updates on movies as well as sports. The show basically covers everything that I enjoy learning about and sharing with my listeners!

Q) What kind of financial advice would you give to youngsters or young audiences?

Salil: I believe that today’s youth is equipped with adequate awareness about various financial instruments and investment portfolios. However, one big piece of advice I would like to give is that youngsters must gain an appropriate understanding of the various terms and conditions of various financial instruments, educate themselves and listen to financial experts on how the changing narrative of the market can impact their investment options. I would also encourage the youth to spend some time listening to the podcasts by Mr. Singhvi on Kadak Currency as he shares his expert know-how on the best investment portfolios and instrument opportunities.

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Q) Besides all these feathers on your hat, what Salil is absolutely passionate about?

Salil: Among the many things that I am passionate about as a content creator, providing enriching entertainment is crucial. This one word captures the essence of what drives me every day. In my journey from hosting to podcasting, I have enjoyed the opportunities that have come my way. Being a part of the television and radio industry has helped me as a person to shape an extension of my expressions.

Q) What are your upcoming plans for films and radio shows?

Salil: Radio shows are currently where my core focus lies. We are creating innovative and enriching content formats for radio plus digital platforms that will feature interviews with popular and famous celebrities. In terms of future planning, I would love to extend my roles in films and as well as radio shows to continue entertaining the audiences. Even in Awarapan (2007), Aashiqui 2 (2013), and 3 AM (2014), the characters that I played were very stimulating. I relish my stint as an actor and look forward to working on interesting scripts and characters that will challenge me as an artist and actor.

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