ACI Infotech Appoints Tushar Sharma as Chief Marketing Officer

Image of Tushar Sharma, the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer at ACI Infotech.


ACI Infotech has hired Tushar Sharma as their new Chief Marketing Officer. Sharma brings extensive global enterprise marketing experience to the role.


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Tushar Sharma’s Appointment as CMO at ACI Infotech: Unleashing a New Era of Marketing Excellence

The recent appointment of Tushar Sharma as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at ACI Infotech marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards accelerated growth and enhanced brand value. With a positive bias, let’s delve into the critical factors that make this appointment a game-changer for ACI Infotech.

Tushar Sharma brings a wealth of experience in global enterprise marketing transformation, having worked with renowned companies like Intel, TCS, Wipro, and a start-up. This diverse background reflects his ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic business environments. Sharma’s track record in spearheading strategic marketing initiatives and driving results is testament to his exceptional leadership skills.

One of the key highlights of Sharma’s appointment is his passion for data-driven marketing. By leveraging the power of analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, ACI Infotech can unlock valuable insights and uncover hidden opportunities. This focus on data-driven decision making will undoubtedly strengthen their marketing efforts, enabling them to reach new heights.

Collaboration and client-centricity are the cornerstones of Sharma’s approach to marketing. By fostering strong partnerships with clients, ACI Infotech can better understand their needs and tailor their solutions accordingly. This customer-centric mindset will not only help retain existing clients but also attract new ones, solidifying their position in the market.

Furthermore, Sharma’s experience in influencer marketing is a strategic advantage for ACI Infotech. In a world where digital presence and industry endorsements hold significant weight, leveraging the power of influencers can amplify their brand reach and credibility. This innovative approach will undoubtedly differentiate ACI Infotech from its competitors and position them as a thought leader in the industry.

ACI Infotech’s commitment to developing innovative accelerators and solutions aligns perfectly with Sharma’s vision for marketing excellence. By combining their unwavering dedication to emerging technologies such as AI/ML, cloud computing, and generative AI with Sharma’s strategic guidance, ACI Infotech is poised to lead the way in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The appointment of Sharma comes at a pivotal time for ACI Infotech, as they lay the foundation for their public debut by 2025. With his extensive experience and expertise, Sharma will undoubtedly chart a path to success, driving growth and propelling ACI Infotech towards their ambitious goals.

In conclusion, Tushar Sharma’s appointment as CMO at ACI Infotech ushers in a new era of marketing excellence. His strategic vision, passion for data-driven decision making, collaboration, and client-centricity will undoubtedly fuel ACI Infotech’s accelerated growth. As they embark on this transformative journey, ACI Infotech is poised to establish a legacy of unparalleled distinction in the industry, delivering outstanding results for their clients, team members, and stakeholders.


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ACI Infotech ropes in Tushar Sharma as their Chief Marketing Officer

ACI Infotech is pleased to announce the appointment of Tushar Sharma as the Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, he will be responsible for leading and setting the strategic vision for ACI’s global marketing team.

Tushar joins Advanced Computing International (ACI Infotech) with extensive experience in global enterprise marketing transformation. He joins the company from Intel and has also worked for other companies like TCS, Wipro and a start-up as well. Tushar has several certifications, including Green Belt Six Sigma, PRINCE2. He brings a passion for results-driven marketing, collaboration, client-centricity and influencer marketing. Tushar will be a member of ACI Infotech’s executive leadership team and is based out of New Jersey, USA.

Jagannadh Kanumuri, CEO & President at ACI Infotech said, “We are delighted to announce the addition of Tushar to the ACI team as we embark on our exciting journey of accelerated growth. With our sights set on significantly expanding and retaining our customer base and paving the way for ACI Infotech’s public debut by 2025, Tushar’s arrival comes at a pivotal time. Our unwavering dedication to Data & Analytics, AI/ML, Cloud, and Generative AI, coupled with our commitment to developing innovative accelerators and solutions, will propel our marketing efforts to new heights. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead as we amplify our marketing focus and chart our path to success”.

On his appointment as CMO at ACI Infotech, Tushar Sharma, said “I am truly honoured to join this exceptional team as the Chief Marketing Officer. With a deep passion for achieving marketing excellence, I eagerly anticipate leveraging my extensive experience and diverse skill set to drive growth and enhance our brand’s value. Collaborating closely with our talented team, I am fully committed to delivering outstanding results that generate lasting value for our esteemed clients, dedicated team members, and valued stakeholders. Together, we will forge new frontiers, foster innovation, and establish a legacy of unparalleled distinction in the industry. I am genuinely excited to embark on this transformative journey and contribute wholeheartedly to the continued success of ACI Infotech.”

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