AdGlobal360 surpasses 1000+ employees, welcomes Arti Chopra as the Senior VP HR

Arti Chopra Senior VP HR-AGL360

After surpassing the milestone of employing over 1000 individuals, AdGlobal360, a member of Hakuhodo International, is delighted to announce the appointment of Arti Chopra as the Senior VP of Human Resources. Chopra is returning to AGL after an inspiring career working with leading agencies such as Publicis, Cheil India, Innocean Worldwide, etc.

Arti has joined at the right time when Adglobal360 is all set to expand its footprint in the International market and launch an array of MarTech products.

Welcoming the appointment, Rakesh Yadav, CEO of AdGlobal360, said “We are delighted to have Arti Chopra join us back as our new HR Head. Our journey from 1000 to 3000 is going to happen rather quickly. And Arti is going to play a pivotal role to help us scale fast and keep the heart of the org in the right place”

“I am excited to be back at AdGlobal360 and reinforce its position as a ‘great place to work’. My vision to join AGL is to make it a future ready organization by making revolutionary changes in the people-operations, employee experience that empowers talent to thrive and re-engineer our talent attraction strategy to win the great war for talent. With technology being the core of driving consistent digital transformation we will build a more flexible, integrated, resilient, and ultimately, more human culture at AGL ,” said Arti Chopra, HR Head, AdGlobal 360.

Such rapid growth stands on the pillar of attracting best in class talent and enabling existing teams. Chopra has a plan to achieve both and it’s based on 3 principles:

  1. Employee-centric Policies for Enhanced Retention: Employees are the foundation of success for any organization, making it imperative to implement human-centric policies that foster a sense of belonging, wellbeing, and growth.
  2. Technology-driven Engagement for Optimal Efficiency: HR-tech has been instrumental in creating an engaged and connected workforce. At AdGlobal360, the approach involves leveraging cutting-edge tech tools and platforms to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide easy access to resources.
  3. Seamless Processes for Enhanced Efficacy and Outcomes: By eliminating bottlenecks, reducing redundancies, and optimizing workflows, AdGlobal 360 is creating a culture of continuous improvement that drives results and ensures our success

With a workforce like never before, Adglobal 360 is also launching its own HR-tech product, reinforcing its tech-savvy image, to connect employees from multiple offices and locations for a smoother workflow and collaboration while maintaining privacy.

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