Jagran New Media Promotes Gaurav Arora to COO and Welcomes Divya Singh as CRO

"Gaurav Arora and Divya Singh in leadership roles at Jagran New Media"


Jagran New Media has announced the promotion of Gaurav Arora to COO and the appointment of Divya Singh as CRO. Arora will be responsible for operational strategies and revenue streams, while Singh will oversee revenue operations and business development.


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Gaurav Arora and Divya Singh: Driving Growth and Innovation at Jagran New Media

Jagran New Media’s recent leadership appointments of Gaurav Arora as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Divya Singh as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) mark a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards further growth and innovation. These appointments not only reflect the company’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within its ranks but also signify its dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital media landscape.

Gaurav Arora, in his new role as COO, brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving revenue growth and operational excellence. Having been associated with Jagran for over six years, Gaurav has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire teams, as well as his strategic vision for the organization. His promotion is a testament to his remarkable contributions and the positive impact he has had on the company’s growth trajectory.

One of the key responsibilities of Gaurav as COO will be to optimize new product revenue streams and enhance organizational effectiveness. By leading affiliate sales, video production, and other monetization possibilities, he will play a crucial role in further fueling the brand’s success. Gaurav’s ability to think innovatively and adapt to the dynamic digital landscape will undoubtedly bring about new avenues of growth and profitability for Jagran New Media.

Divya Singh, the newly appointed CRO, is a seasoned industry expert with an exceptional understanding of revenue engagements and sales networks. With a career spanning over two decades, Divya has consistently delivered outstanding results and forged strategic partnerships across various media platforms. Her vast experience in the print, radio, broadcast, and digital media industries positions her perfectly to optimize revenue operations and drive exponential growth for Jagran New Media.

As CRO, Divya will oversee the company’s revenue operations, advertising sales, and business development initiatives. Her appointment reflects Jagran New Media’s commitment to harness the expertise of leaders who possess a deep understanding of the nuances of revenue generation in today’s competitive market. Divya’s cross-functional expertise and profound industry knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s sustained growth and success.

The synergy between Gaurav Arora and Divya Singh, along with their collective expertise, promises to take Jagran New Media to new heights. Their complementary skills and shared vision for the organization will undoubtedly result in the development of initiatives that pave the way for long-term sustainability and profitability. With their leadership at the helm, Jagran New Media is poised to unleash new opportunities, drive innovation, and establish meaningful connections within the dynamic digital media landscape.

In conclusion, Jagran New Media’s elevation of Gaurav Arora to the position of COO and the onboarding of Divya Singh as CRO is a strategic move that highlights their commitment to nurturing talent and driving growth. With their distinctive skills and extensive industry experience, Gaurav and Divya are well-positioned to steer the company towards continued success in the ever-changing digital landscape. Their leadership will undoubtedly bring about fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and increased revenue streams for Jagran New Media.


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Jagran New Media Strengthens Leadership: Elevates Mr. Gaurav Arora to COO and Onboards Ms. Divya Singh as CRO

July 25th, National: Jagran New Media, the digital wing of Jagran Prakashan Ltd., announced key leadership appointments today by elevating. Mr. Gaurav Arora to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), recognizing his exemplary contributions to the company’s growth. Gaurav has been associated with Jagran for more than 6 years and was previously held responsible for leading the revenue mandates for the brand. Ms. Divya Singh succeeded him as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), bringing with her a wealth of experience in the print, radio, broadcast, and digital media industries.

In his new role, Gaurav will take on broader responsibilities in helming operational strategies, optimizing new product revenue streams, and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness, in addition to leading affiliate sales, video production (news and non-news), and other monetization possibilities for the brand. Also, he will continue to lend his support to the revenue functions.

Divya Singh is a seasoned industry doyen with an exceptional track record of spearheading revenue growth and strategic partnerships. In her current role at JNM, she will be responsible for overseeing the company’s revenue operations, advertising sales, and business development initiatives. Having held pivotal roles across diverse organizations for more than two decades, she possesses a profound understanding of revenue engagements and sales networks.

Bharat Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Jagran New Media, says, “Gaurav has paved the way for a culture of performance in the organization and is a true people-oriented leader. His calm demeanour combined with a strategic and innovative approach in a highly dynamic and evolving digital space has been both reassuring and gratifying for the organization. I am thrilled to see his continued growth. Simultaneously, we are pleased to welcome Divya Singh as our new CRO. She will play a crucial role in optimizing revenue, leveraging her profound industry knowledge and insights into measurable outcomes.”

Gaurav Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Jagran New Media, says, “I am honored by the trust placed in me and excited for this new role. As COO, I will be steadfast in my commitment to further streamline operations, strengthen our offerings, and drive continued success for the company’s expansion. Meanwhile, I am delighted to pass the baton to Divya Singh, the newly appointed CRO of Jagran New Media. Her cross-functional expertise will enable us to steer our organization towards sustainable growth in the long term.”

Expressing elation about her new role, Divya Singh, Chief Revenue Officer, says, “I am thrilled to join Jagran New Media as the new Chief Revenue Officer. I look forward to working with the key leadership team and leveraging our collective expertise to deliver outstanding results. As Chief Revenue Officer, my focus will be on developing initiatives that spearhead the company’s revenue. I am positive that together we will unleash new opportunities, drive innovation, and create meaningful connections in a dynamic digital media landscape.”


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