Kunal Jeswani goes to Singapore as Group Chief Executive, Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia

Kunal Jeswani moves to Singapore as Group Chief Executive, Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia

After 17 years with Ogilvy India, Kunal Jeswani will be moving to Singapore as Group Chief Executive, Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia. Kunal has led our India business for the last 7 years and no matter where he goes, he will always, always carry the heart and spirit of Ogilvy India with him. Kunal will be with us for the next two months to manage the country leadership transition.   

Effective 1st June 2022, VR Rajesh will be elevated to Group President, Ogilvy India.  

As Group President, he will lead the integrated Ogilvy India P&L across all our offices and will be responsible for the acceleration of all our core capabilities in India – Advertising, Brand & Content; Experience; Health; PR & Influence and Ogilvy Consulting.  

VR is a fantastic leader and a pivotal driver of our business and our culture. He joined Ogilvy in 2004 and has grown from strength to strength in the Ogilvy system. Since 2018, he has led Ogilvy Mumbai & Kolkata, growing the business consistently year after year. He embodies Ogilvy values and knows how critical it is to nurture strong talent in our business. He is a powerful growth driver, an influential client partner and a passionate creative partner. VR also understands the importance of transformation in our business and has demonstrated this time and again – championing new transformative roles, new capabilities and new revenue streams.  

“I am delighted that after a stellar performance at Ogilvy India, Kunal is moving to head Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia. This important responsibility will add international exposure to Kunal’s rich experience across the many aspects of the communications business. I am sure he will be successful in his new role. VR Rajesh, who takes on the baton from Kunal, is an Ogilvy stalwart and I am confident he will take Ogilvy India and our clients to greater heights. On behalf of the Ogilvy India Board, I welcome VR to this new responsibility.” Piyush Pandey 

“Ogilvy India is easily one of the best agencies in the world and it has been an absolute privilege to spend the last 17 years in the company of giants who I love, respect and have grown with. As I move to a different market and a different Ogilvy experience – Ogilvy India is bigger, better and more vibrant than it has ever been. The company is in fantastic hands with immensely talented business, strategic and creative leaders. I am sure that under VR’s leadership, our client relationships will thrive, and our work will shine even brighter.” Kunal Jeswani 

“Over the last 7 years, Kunal has shaped a people-centric culture and laid foundations for Ogilvy’s digital transformation. It’s a privilege to take the baton from him and continue the journey. The next couple of years will see us accelerate new-age digital competencies and strengthen our content offering by being more regional and local. It’s going to be an exciting ride in creating a comprehensive Ogilvy offering for our clients. I am sure it won’t be difficult when one has a family of giants.” VR Rajesh 

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